Cardboard Cosmetic Box

Some people often put forward the problem of the skillful classification and storage of creative DIY storage boxes. Spend a lot of time collecting and sorting out cosmetic Items that are indispensable when packing things. The Cardboard Cosmetic Box draws this content for everyone to learn and understand.

Creative and Clever Use of Make-up Storage

The DIY house beauty cosmetic storage box allows you to better solve the problem of how to store cosmetics.

How to Make Cardboard Cosmetic Boxes for Used Shoe Boxes?

Materials Required

  • 2 shoe boxes
  • Several cardboards
  • 1 floral cloth
  • Several stickers
  • Double-sided tape
  • Transparent glue
  • Utility knife
  • Scissors.

Steps 1

Open the shoe box and cut the lid neatly along the edges with a utility knife, and reinforce the four sides of the box with transparent glue.

Step 2

Cut two pieces of cardboard according to the length of the shoe box (the plates on the left and right sides of the storage box).

Step 3

Take two more boards. Also cut according to the length of the shoe box as above. Then cut it according to the width of the shoe box, but do not cut off the extra parts on both sides. Just cut the cardboard to half the depth with a utility knife (as a storage box) Used for the top and bottom partitions).

Step 4

Take another board and draw according to the length and width of the shoe box, and cut off the extra part. The three sides are also half of the three sides with a utility knife. Do not cut (the middle shelf of the storage box. The three sides are mainly used for Stick to the side panel to enhance stability and firmness)

Step 5

Put the cut cardboard together, 3 and 6 are the boards on both sides of the box, 1 is the back of the box, 2 is the partition in the middle of the box, 4 and 5 are the top and bottom layers of the box Yes, the lines of 2, 4, and 5 of the cardboard should be lightly cut in half with a utility knife, not completely cut off. The cut edge seams of the three boards 2, 4, and 5 are pasted with transparent glue. And fold it to the uncut side.

Step 6

Put several boards according to the position. 4.5 Stick double-sided tape on the sides of the three boards on the two side boards, leave the height of the shoe box between the injection boards, and stick the boards on both sides and the back with transparent glue (the middle layer After the board is stuck with double-sided tape, you can use transparent glue to stick a circle on the side, mainly to reinforce it).

Step 7

The uppermost edge of the front of the box is the two corners of the side panel. It feels too straight. Then draw two small arcs on the corners and cut them off the edges with a utility knife.

Step 8

The thickness of the side panels is different due to the inward folding of the side panels between the laminate and the laminate, then use the leftover material to repair it, and A is the size of the thin place. Cut out a small piece with cardboard Stick it on with double-sided tape; just stick it in a circle along the edge.

Step 9

The same is true for the top of the box, stick it on with cardboard, keep the side board and the laminate the same thickness, the appearance thickness is repaired, the general shape of the storage box is also completed, and the next step is to pack.

Paste the outer periphery of the box with double-sided tape and stick it on with a cloth, and use your hand to smooth it out. There are two semicircular gaps at the front and back ends of the shoe box, which are used to replace the door handle.

The box body of the shoe box is affixed with a white instant sticker, and a circle of floral cloth is attached along the edge of the gap as a decoration. After the notch is pasted, the inside of the shoe box is also pasted with an instant sticker, which will be more beautiful.

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