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Divorce affects everyone in one way or another, including your living space. As the couple who has suffered through this event, you probably want to know how to Redecorate Your Home after a divorce just like everyone else. After all, this is where you will live for the rest of your life. So, if you want to decorate your home just like everyone else, there are some basic guidelines that you need to follow. These tips will give you the best chance to redecorate your home in a way that you and your former spouse both approve of.

Color Scheme

The first thing that you should consider when looking at how to redecorate a home after a divorce is the color scheme. Of course, this would depend on the colors that were used on your wedding day. However, lighter colors such as yellows and light blues should be avoided, since they tend to make a room look more dramatic. In addition, use a monochromatic color scheme. For example, use one color for the walls and the other for the doors.

You should begin by choosing the right color scheme for your redecorating project. It is important that the color scheme makes sense and is easy to find. The following are examples of how to redecorate a home after a divorce: If you have a very dark blue room after a divorce, you should use lighter shades of blue. Conversely, if you have light blues in your living room, you should use a lighter shade of blue for your rugs, curtains, and artwork. Your pillows, tablecloths, and throw pillows should also match the color scheme.

Coordinating Items

Next, you should use coordinating items to fill out the rest of the room. For example, if you have a room with dark wall coloring, you should place photos of you and your spouse together on the walls or hang framed art on them. If you have light wall coloring, you can complement that with pictures, artwork, a wood dresser, and candles of your favorite colors. Use coordinating furniture in the room such as sofas, love seats, loveseats, armchairs, rocking chairs, and sectionals.

Utilizing the Space

Another way to redecorate a home after a divorce is to utilize the space. You might think that you do not have space to redecorate because you have just been divorced, but this is not true. Think about the small spaces in front of the TV set, in the corner of the room, along the stairs, and along the stairs leading to the entryway. You might also want to redecorate the home after a divorce in your living room. There are many great places to display your belongings and a great way to make your living room livelier is to add a rug.

The best way to redecorate a home after a divorce is to make sure that the room has plenty of seating. When redecorating a room, you must also take into consideration the flooring, wall coverings, and window treatments. When decorating a room, you can choose to add paintings, rugs, or throws. In addition, if you are decorating a bedroom after a divorce, you should focus on the furniture, bedding, wall coverings, and curtains. However, when decorating a home after divorce you will also need to consider the seating. You should also focus on the mattress, you can opt for a new one or even utilize the one you own, by some creative thinking, such as if you have a latex mattress you can flip your latex mattress, and it will look all new again.

Decorating Living Room

You can also make redecorating ideas for your living room fun by adding a few items that remind you of each other. If you and your ex had a dog, you can redecorate the home after a divorce with a beautiful dog bed. You can create a fun space featuring a bookcase and a coffee table with an ornate glass top if you were lovers. You can make redecorating ideas for your living room fun by combining items from different parts of your house. For example, you can incorporate items from your kitchen and your bedroom to complete a beautiful space.

Decorating Living Room

When you’re trying to learn how to redecorate your home after a divorce, you should keep in mind that there is some psychology at work here, too. It’s not only the practical issues of which furniture to buy and which colors to paint but also the psychological effects of divorce on people. Divorce is a big change for most people, and they tend to become overwhelmed at first, especially if they don’t know how to deal with the situation.

Complementary Items

You may be tempted to splurge on new furniture, new rugs, new artwork…you know the type of stuff that feels good to you. But when your ex is no longer around to judge your spending habits, what you need to do is invest your money in neutral, complementary items. Neutral, non-complementary items that reflect and complement each other are just what your ex would have made of them, so you don’t want to pick up new items that would cause them to run the other way. In this respect, it’s a matter of “stepping back” to afford your own personal redecorating.

Reduce Clutter in the House

The first thing you need to do is to reduce the clutter in the house. If you can’t stand to live with half of that mess, maybe you should give up on trying to redecorate and just move. If you can’t let go completely, at least get rid of the things that are no longer useful to you. You could store these items in boxes or storage units and only put new stuff in that space. A simple solution like this can go a long way towards letting you enjoy some fresh new decorating!

Once the clutter is gone, you’ll want to start thinking about how to redecorate your home. One of the best things you can do is to focus on the bright, bold colors of the early days of your relationship. Pastel and less complicated colors such as light green, yellow, and off-white can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your room. These colors can bring out the warmth and intimacy that were once missing in the relationship, making it much easier for you to feel relaxed and content.

Neutral Furniture

You may also be tempted to go for neutral furniture that will not stand out and draw undue attention. This is fine if you are just trying to “scoot in” to a new home, but if you are trying to redecorate, you’ll want to make sure that your new pieces do something to add value to your home. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use neutral color palettes and furniture that coordinates with different interior design schemes. You might find that going with black and white furniture is the key to pulling together a beautiful space after a divorce. The dark colors are very indicative of finality in marriages, so many couples opt for this choice when redecorating.

Neutral Furniture


If you are looking for tips on how to redecorate a home after a divorce, you’ll want to pay close attention to the colors and patterns that you choose. After all, it’s important to create a space that both you and your ex-spouse will enjoy and want to return to time again. Choose neutral, comfortable furniture pieces and then add interesting color palettes and patterns. If you feel confident that you can take care of your own redecorating needs, you may even decide to hire a professional to help you. However, you choose to proceed, making sure that the result adds value to your home and makes you happy is the most important part of redecorating.

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