Are you struggling to keep your kitchen in order? Your drawers might be in complete disarray, making it almost impossible to find utensils. Are your cabinets and pantry overflowing with things? You need to find stellar methods of keeping your kitchen in order. Here are some tips:

Cabinet Organization Tips

Purge What You Don’t Need

One of the main reasons your cabinets are overflowing is clutter. You probably have too many pots, pans, and utensils that you do not need. Do you have items in triplicate or duplicate? If you do, your kitchen might be so cluttered, which makes it hard to find what you want to use.

To purge your cabinets, you should empty them out and categorize each item. If you have 30 plates but only use 10, you should eliminate the extra ones. Once you get rid of all the redundant items, you will see a big difference.

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Make them Accessible

You have kitchen items that you need daily, but some items you only need occasionally. For this reason, you need to organize your cabinets for accessibility. This means that you should put the items that you use daily at the front and those that you rarely use at the back.

When you organize your cabinets in this manner, you will have an efficient system that allows you to gain access to the items that you need with ease. You will not have any obstacles when you want to retrieve items that you want to use. If you need more cabinets in your kitchen, you should use websites such as to shop.

Drawer Organization Tips

Use Expandable Dividers

Expandable Dividers

Make sure that you get rid of the items that you rarely use before proceeding. After doing that, you should invest in an expandable drawer divider. With this tool, you will be able to categorize the items inside the drawer instead of placing everything together.

With two dividers, you can put serving spoons on the left side of your drawer, forks in the middle, and chopping knives on the right side. Your life will be much easier with these handy dividers; you will no longer need to pull all items from your drawer to find one thing.

Keep Lids and Containers Separated

Storing containers is much easier when they are stacked atop each other. Storing them with lids on consumes much more space. To save space, you should stack the containers up and place their lids together.

When you stack lids and containers separately, you will be able to grab one easily. This creates an efficient system for your kitchen drawers and allows you to save on space.

Pantry Organization Tips

Use Baskets


What do you see when you look inside your pantry? If you see things strewn about and disorganized, you need to start organizing. The first step is to remove everything from the pantry and organize it by category. If you find duplicates, you should consider throwing them out or donating them.

Of course, you should not throw out duplicate food items, because you will eat it at some point. However, you need to do away with duplicate pots, dishes, and silverware. You can use the baskets to organize similar items together. For instance, you could put all your cereals in one basket and pasta in a different basket. When you put similar items in the same basket, you will know exactly where they are.

Put Items That You Use Daily at Eye Level

The goal of doing this is to make it easier to retrieve the things you require. Make sure that you put the food that you need daily at your eye level. The least used items can go on the bottom and top shelves of the pantry.


The above tips will come in handy if you are considering some kitchen organization. Organizing your cabinet, pantry, and drawers is the first step to restoring sanity in your kitchen.


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