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When you are planning the restaurant furniture, you might have faced this question! Should you consider restaurant tables and chairs-based seating or go for booths? Restaurant Booths are the perfect combination of style, looks, and comfort. Whether yours is a pizzeria or a family restaurant, a casual diner, or a cafe, booths make for a cozy seating arrangement. More importantly, in the post-Covid-19 era, the restaurant booth offers private seating in a physically isolated setup. Read on to know why booths can be an alluring addition to your restaurant and how you can plan your dining area with restaurant booths.

Why Customers Prefer To Sit In Restaurant Booths?

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  • Restaurant booths offer them more privacy.
  • Restaurant booths appear more aesthetic.
  • Restaurant booths are more comfortable than conventional table seating.
  • Restaurant booths restrict other customers’ and servers’ movement around them and cause them minimum disturbance.
  • Restaurant booths help in a family-friendly layout by keeping the children seated effortlessly.

How to Plan the Space Using Restaurant Booths?

The arrangement of restaurant booths in your dining area depends on its floor plan. However, you can use the following tips to optimize more booths in your restaurant:

  • Organize the restaurant booths by grouping them back-to-back.
  • Place them along the wall to utilize the corners.
  • Use benches to segment the dining area into smaller sections.

What Are The Types Of Restaurant Booths?

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One can classify restaurant booths in several ways. One way to divide the restaurant booths is based on materials. Wood, upholstered, and laminate are the popular materials used for commercial grade restaurant booths.

1. Wood Restaurant Booths: The classy, vintage wooden restaurant booths boast elegance and richness. If yours is a family restaurant frequented by children and expects spills or stains, go for solid wood booths that are easy to maintain and clean.

2. Upholstered Restaurant Booths: Comfortable upholstered restaurant booths on a wooden or metal frame make the seating luxurious for your guests. Although spring foams make getting in and out of the restaurant booths without much effort, solid foams are cost-effective.

3. Laminate Restaurant Booths: Alternately, you can consider neutral tone laminate booths that complement any ambiance in your restaurant. Moreover, they repel water and are easy to clean than wooden booths.

Another way to classify restaurant booths is by their configuration or seating capacity. Here are some popular booth styles that you can use to optimize the restaurant seating

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Single Booths:

  • Perfect to host two persons in small spaces.
  • Used mostly alongside a wall.
  • Usually, come with a back height of 36″ or 42″.

Double Booths:

  • Space-efficient, ideal for busy restaurants.
  • Can seat four guests, two on each side.
  • Mostly used in a back-to-back configuration.

Half-Circle Booths:

  • Perfect for larger groups.
  • Optimizes space in the dining area while providing privacy to your guests.
  • The standard dimension of 48″ x 90″ x 48″ can fit six persons comfortably.

3/4 Circle Booths:

  • Similar to half-circle booths but for even larger groups.
  • Standard dimensions are 48″ x 90″ x 90″ x 48″.
  • Can accommodate up to ten persons.

Wall Bench Booths

  • Well known for their flexibility.
  • Use them independently to host couples or join them together for larger groups.
  • Help you in creating custom layouts in your restaurant.

What Are The Advantages Of Restaurant Booths?

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1. Restaurant Booths Are Space-Efficient :

The best thing about restaurant booths is that they are available in custom shapes and sizes. Irrespective of the floor area and layout of your restaurant, you can configure and arrange them.

2. Restaurant Booths Offer Privacy :

Whether you are out with friends or family, booths call for a quality time amidst the hustle-bustle of a busy restaurant. They create a personal space where your guests can relax and indulge in food without any distraction. Moreover, the high back seats help in checking the noise from the surrounding.

3. Restaurant Booths Are Comfortable :

No matter how cushiony or expensive the restaurant chairs are, they seldom match the comfort level of booths. Unlike any other commercial furniture, the padded, soft, upholstered seats of restaurant booths provide maximum comfort to unwind after a long day. Similarly, the larger seats of booths help your guests to sit luxuriously, relax, and enjoy your restaurant’s ambiance.

4. Restaurant Booths Cause Minimum Disturbance :

Another plus point of restaurant booths is that they restrict the movement of the people around them. Since a corner restaurant booth is inaccessible from three sides, your guests don’t have to worry about servers or other guests passing by. Restaurant booths save your guests from occasional, accidental bumping or nudging by strangers or staff.

5. Restaurant Booths Are Social :

Whether you are out with your work-mates or relatives, friends, or family, restaurant booths encourage conversation. No matter how big your group is, all members can sit together, face each other, and have a memorable experience over meals.

6. Restaurant Booths Promote Physical Distancing :

In the post-Covid-19 times, as a restaurant owner, you have to adhere to social-distancing norms. Since restaurant booths offer physical isolation, you can arrange them to maximize your restaurant’s seating capacity.

Nothing says how much importance you give to your guest’s comfort, like restaurant booths. Not only do they provide a cozy, private place for your guests, they also help you optimize the dining space. Unlike restaurant tables and chairs, you don’t have to leave huge gaps between restaurant booths for your server’s movement. It suffices to say that restaurant booths are space-efficient, functional, comfortable, elegant, easy to maintain and provide the best seating option for your guests. Moreover, their availability in different patterns, designs, dimensions, colors, materials, etc., allows you to pair it with other design elements no matter the ambiance in your restaurant.

This article highlights why booths are the best seating options in a restaurant. Hopefully, you can use the points mentioned above to find the perfect restaurant booths that match your restaurant’s interior and create an inviting theme and a wholesome dining experience.
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