Family-Friendly Activities

Like most of the population, you and your kids may feel like you have exhausted options of things to do at home that will keep everyone engaged during this time. As we all know too well, it’s very easy to just plonk down in front of the tv for a few hours and catch up on a series or 2 of our favourite tv shows. Not only can that become very boring but it’s also not great for keeping your brain active.

If you are looking for some inspiration on ways to bond with your family, read on for some suggestions on fun family activities that will get everyone away from their gadgets for a while.

Model Building

Some people can be put off when it comes to model building if they haven’t done it before as they think of it as being very fiddly and the picture they have in their mind is a complex, very detailed little ship in a bottle. But there are many other great options available that are ideal to do as a family.

Not only is it a fantastic way to help your kid’s cognitive skills, but a great bonding experience. Check out the different models that are available on ModelSpace to see which one sparks the kids’ interest.

Cook Up A Storm

From tots to teens, kids love getting involved in the kitchen and there are many reasons as to why you should. Outwith it being a fantastic bonding experience, it helps create an interest in diet and nutrition and can even help with their maths and reading skills and encourage creativity.

If they are old enough and you feel that they are confident in the kitchen alone, why not let them take charge for a night. You can help them plan the menu or leave it in their capable hands. You never know, your next meal might just be a concoction of things you never knew you liked, and even if it is not, it will give your kids an enormous sense of achievement.

Get Arty

When it comes to art, I truly believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You don’t have to be particularly arty to get involved, you just need to give it a go and remember to think outside the box. Art doesn’t always have to paint or pencil. If you and your kids fancy going freestyle with a few cans of spray paint, why not paper up a space outside or even inside the garage and let yourselves go and have some fun with it.

You can always let the kids know their art project will take pride of place somewhere at home, even if it’s in their own room. You can pick up very reasonably priced frames from many homeware stores, the likes of Ikea have a wide range of sizes that won’t break the bank.

Time to Get Mucky

Now we are not suggesting that you get the kids to go into the garden with a shovel and spade and just go nuts! But by encouraging your kids to take an interest and enjoy the garden has the potential to provide them with a lifelong healthy hobby that they could be enjoying with their own kids one day.

Capture their interest by getting them to plant their own flowers so they can look after them and watch them grow. Giving them that responsibility can help give them a better understanding of nature and increase their self-confidence. You could even get them to grow their own veg which will help them understand where their food comes.

I hope you enjoyed this short post. Don’t forget to leave your comments below with your own suggestions!


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