4 Handy Tips For Buying Column Radiators

A column radiator is a lovely thing to have in your home. They are more distinctive than a traditional panel radiator, work fantastically for their size (more on that below), and look great if you get the colour just right. While I’m a firm believer in having a column radiator in almost any room, I know that making the switch from your basic looking radiator can be something you might not be so sure about.

From looking around online, I’ve noticed that many home décor and DIY sites don’t give much advice on what you should be looking for when buying a column radiator, so I decided I would! If you’ve been thinking of getting one, or would want to some of the potential issues you might encounter making the switch, here are four tips to help make buying a column radiator simpler. It all starts with knowing about support.

Column Radiators

They might need some feet on the ground

I want to start by using a rather poor analogy. I want you to imagine that a column radiator is like an empty water balloon. You might be able to move it around and hang it on the wall ok, but as soon you start filling it with water, you’re going to want some form of support in there to stop it from coming off the wall.

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That’s why you need to think about floor space and foot supports for a column radiator. Support feet are used frequently when you’re having a large column radiator installed, and these can either come welded on or as free-standing (that’s where you screw the feet in). In some cases, you can get away with the radiator solely being on the wall, but your plumber would recommend having additional brackets in place for security. If you don’t want more holes in the wall, stick with feet.

Know that brands don’t have to expensive

When you’re shopping around online for column radiators, you’ll tend to see that it is mainly designer brands which make up the majority of your options. Don’t get tricked into thinking you have to spend more, especially on the colour, when buying column radiators. There are some sites like Trade Radiators who stock designer names like Paladin, Reina & Stelrad for less than you’d see when making a trip to your nearest big chain DIY superstore.

With radiators being something you wouldn’t be expected to know much about, even just taking an hour of an evening to read up on different brands can help you snag a better deal.

They boost performance (as long as you have width)

If you really love the fact that your radiator sits flush to the wall and doesn’t protrude, then you will want to consider whether a column radiator is right for you. While a single panel column radiator won’t get in the way too much, if you were going for a double panel model, you should know it can be twice as thick as a double panel convector radiator. Always take width into account, or else you could have a radiator in your home that people will soon learn is all too easy to hit off of when walking by.

They can be warmer, while also being colder

One last tip that may sound confusing but let me explain. It might sound like something of an anomaly, but column radiators can provide a lower level of heat output than a typical panel radiator but help make a room warmer. How can that be?

Column radiators have a much bigger surface area than other radiators. This allows them to pull in colder air and help it move around a room. So while a column radiator might not be advertised as hitting higher thermal outputs as similarly sized counterparts, it does an easier job of raising a room’s overall temperature.

So, what have we learned?

Like buying anything for your home, a column radiator can look great, as long as you know it will be the right fit. You are simply looking for the right balance between performance and looks.

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