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Lawn mower maintenance experts say that while minor issues call for fixes, significant problems would require lawn mower replacement. If you see your grass sprouting to an unsightly height overnight, the most appropriate tool to use is a lawn mower. Then again, just as the grass is inevitably growing, lawn mower issues are likewise unavoidable.

Broken belts, pull cords, and cables are some of these issues. Some can easily be replaced with Briggs and Stratton parts, while more serious mechanical problems require answers that are beyond cut and dry. Most of the time, deciding whether to have your lawnmower repaired or replaced is an individual choice that’s often dictated by cost.

According to lawnmower experts, what would matter is how much you are willing to invest in your lawnmower.

When Is Replacement The Right Choice?

If the problem with your lawn mower involves engine and transmission issues, repairing it may not be worth your money. If the damage is internal, a repair can get very expensive; hence, replacement might be a more reasonable choice. Broken pistons and rods can cost you more than merely buying a new one.

If your lawn mower blade strikes a hard object, it might result in crankshaft damage. This kind of damage calls for a replacement instead of repair. A riding mower’s blown engine could cost you around $800 to $1,000 in repair cost. Buying a new mower will only cost $2,000, plus you are getting an entirely new unit.

The riding mower’s transmission repair can cost you somewhere within $400 to $500. And since the mower is already pretty old, the cost can even go higher. In that case, moving on to a new mower is the more suitable choice.

If you have been using Ethanol-based mower gasoline, chances are, your lawn mower might suffer from irreparable clogging that can lead to an engine explosion. If this already happened, you have no choice but to buy a new mower.

When Is Repair More Appropriate?

One of the common issues that can be addressed by lawn mower repair is a carburettor problem. If gasoline condensation or sediment buildup clog your carburettor, then you can have it repaired. And if the old fuel refuses to drain, especially in ethanol-based gasoline, carburettor cleaning is the right path to take. Though a clogged carburettor keeps the lawn mower from starting, repairing it is not that expensive.

Authorities in lawn mowing argue that the first thing that you should look at when you are deciding whether to replace or repair your mower is how long have you owned it. After that, look into its condition. If it is relatively new, instead of replacing it, perform preventive maintenance to make sure that it functions well for a very long time. You can regularly drain its oil and gas after every mowing season. Make sure to replace its air filter and spark plugs with Briggs and Stratton parts periodically, too.

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If you have been using a lawnmower for many years, you should know that most repairs can be done cheaply and very quickly. There are repair issues that can cost hundreds of dollars as well. Say, for instance, your lawn mower hits a tree or a rock, and it would not restart. If the only damaged part is your lawn mower blade, replacement is in order. However, if the shaft connecting the blades to the engine gets bent, then the more appropriate option is buying a new mower.

It is no joke to buy a new lawn mower. This is why you need to make sure that you take care of your machine by consistently performing preventive maintenance. And when you need to replace some of its parts, make sure that you purchase these parts from a reputable dealer. Through these, you can extend the lifespan of your lawn mower.

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