Choose Framed Artwork for Your Home in Australia

Homes in Australia are as diverse as their culture. If you ask what a typical Australian home looks like, you will not get two same answers. It changes with every person and place you ask. There is no discernible pattern — just an amalgamation of their multiculturalism, rich architectural history, and multiple climate zones.

Decorating the interior walls of these houses is even more varied. Aside from the individuality of the homes themselves, there is the personal taste of each homeowner to account for. Fortunately, there is virtually an infinite number of framed artwork in Australia homeowners could choose from. There is a wall art waiting for each home, no matter how unique.

Wall Art To Enhance Every Part Of Your Home

When it comes to wall art, your option is boundless. However, this does not mean that you should choose with no rhyme or reason. There are still a few guidelines which, although fluid, can give you a systematic approach, nonetheless.


  • For the living room

The living room is one place in your house that you can make concessions when decorating. It is where you receive guests the most, whom you have to entertain or please to some extent. Choose interesting wall art that can start conversations and set the mood you want to convey while staying true to your personality.

In terms of frame size, you can go for a gallery of small pieces or one large-scale piece, as long as they cover about 2/3 to 3/4 of your open wall space.

When hanging a big frame over a couch or other piece of furniture, keep them 6 to 12 inches apart. If hanging above a fireplace, three to six inches between the bottom frame and the mantle is the sweet spot.

  • For the bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest or relax in, so the wall art you choose should reflect this. Many stores for framed artwork in Australia sell wall art with subtle tones, perfect for the bedroom. Look for a large scale abstract piece and hang it over the headboard or the opposite wall at eye level. You can also choose a landscape or any piece that would transform your bedroom into a peaceful place of retreat.

  • For the kitchen

Most people see their kitchen as the heart of the home. It is, by far, the most renovated part of the house. So there may be some truth to this. However, when it comes to wall art, the kitchen becomes an afterthought.


Avoid staring at a blank wall in between your cooking sessions. Incorporate some art by hanging framed artwork over countertops or cabinets. However, ensure that they would not overwhelm the whole space while also not disappearing. Choose small pieces that convey light or playful moods such as clever quotes about cooking or any art about food or eating.

  • Making it your own

The primary objective of decorating is to turn a house into a home and create a personal haven. The person you have to first please is yourself. If some framed artwork Australian shops have on display catches your eye, then, by all means, pick them up and bring them home without any thought on rules or guidelines. These are just tips to help you choose; it doesn’t matter if you have different choices!


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