Vertical Garden

Are you looking for a way to add some green to your apartment or home? Because plants add a refreshing touch to any external structure, a vertical garden has become a popular feature in many homes in urban and rural settings.

These outdoor gardens serve as brilliant ways to hide unsightly blemishes on older facades. For instance, old drainpipes and gutters that still work can be made to look down to earth with a few touches of greenery.

Do you need some help on how to set up a vertical garden? This short guide might help you with that.

What You Need to Start a Vertical Garden

The following are some of the most basic equipment and supplies you will need to set up an outdoor garden that runs up and down your rooftop, apartment, or home.

  • Plants and your choice of greenery/flora
  • Planned space where you want to grow your vertical garden
  • A built-in drain system
  • Fixings
  • Panels where you can set up your plants for hanging
  • Irrigation system
  • Pots
  • Garden soil
  • Gardening equipment

As you can see from the short list above, a vertical garden will be one that is hanging on the exterior of your home. You should ensure that the pots and other fixtures remain safe and secure when you design them.

Different states and cities have different building regulations. Ensure that your planned project is compliant with the building code of Australia even if you’re just in the design phase.

Creative Ideas for Your Outdoor Hanging Garden

Outdoor Hanging Garden

Your vertical garden can be hanging on a façade, a wall, the roof, or some other structure of a home or building. This means there are a lot of design ideas that you can choose from. Here are a few bright ideas that you may want to consider.

Framing a Patio Space with Floral Plants

You may have an old wall that you have painted and repainted time and again. The paint gets peeled off, and you may feel that you have already spent a fortune on that wall.

Here’s a great idea: Next time don’t repaint it. Set up a hanging garden to frame the wall right next to the patio and let Mother Nature’s blooms make the unsightly wall look pleasing to the eye once again.

  • Chicken Wire Air Garden

You can create your garden without having to cover the structure at the back. By setting up chicken wire with rows of potted plants hanging on it, you add some natural beauty to an all but urban looking wall. Plant some ferns, ivies, geraniums, and succulents in those pots that will add fascinating colours.

  • Plank and Pottery

You don’t have to squander a lot to set up an outdoor garden on a patio, rooftop, or exterior structure. You can get planks and hang a vertical row of pots along its length. Affix it on a wall, and you have an instant space where you can grow a lovely garden.

  • A Living Wall

So you have an atrociously looking brick wall. How do you deal with it? Hang pots on it and plant a profusion of leafy variants on it. Allow it to grow and watch your garden become a wall of leaves.

DIY or Hire Professionals?

These are only some of the many design ideas that you can try. Does it all sound like too much work? If you have only less time or experience setting up your changing outdoor garden, then you might want to hire professionals to do it for you.

Make sure to hire experts who have worked on hundreds of these gardens and other green wall projects. You can ask for a quote and maybe some design ideas that will fit your home.

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