What Can Clog the Drain

As a homeowner, the last thing you want to happen is to deal with a clogged drain that causes water backflow. The smell reeks, and let’s face it; it’s embarrassing to the neighbors and guests. When you’re dealing with a clogged drain or a blocked toilet, usually, the first instinct is to resolve it yourself. It’s cheaper that way. However, it may result in more complicated problems.

The best option is to call a plumbing expert right away. When water starts to leak or flood, you already have an emergency. This calls for the immediate attention of specialists. However, you can do something by knowing the causes of clogged drains and avoid them as much as possible:

1. Half-Full Tank

The concept of toilets is simple: it uses gravity to bring any waste and water down and into the pipe. But in many cases, gravity alone won’t move anything. You need to initiate pressure, and that’s why you flush the toilet.

The problem is some homeowners try to fill their cistern or tank to half full, perhaps to conserve water. Because the pressure is less, the waste, including poop, ends up getting stuck in the flush space.

If you’re worried about consuming lots of water for the toilet, consider these tips:

  • Connect your rainwater system to your toilet.
  • Check for toilet leaks.
  • Invest in a low-volume toilet.

2. Trees

Trees are lovely until their roots find their way into pipes. As living things, these plants need nutrients and water to thrive. If you already have a faulty pipe underneath, these roots can penetrate it, grow, and spread. Before you know it, roots clog the drain.

Unfortunately, many homeowners will fail to identify trees as the root cause (no pun intended) since the problem is underneath the ground. Aboveground, everything looks fine. Usually, they call experts for help when they start to experience a persistently blocked toilet.

Plumbing experts can diagnose tree-root issues properly because they have the tools. They may use a special flexible thin camera that they can squeeze into pipes. The device can then send live images or videos of the real conditions of the line.

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3. Cat Poop

Because cat poop stinks, you want to get rid of it as soon as you can. Cat litter makes it easier for you since it clumps. However, some homeowners throw cat poop into the toilet rather than into the bin. Based on the size of the clump, they can cause a blocked toilet.

You may encounter flushable cat litter in the market. The primary materials are biodegradable, so they break down as soon as they get into the pipes. But cat poop can still contain dangerous bacteria and parasites that may contaminate the water supply.

How do you deal with it then? Again, place the litter in a heavy-duty trash bag and throw it into the bin outside the home.

4. Toys

Parents may never understand the fascination of kids with toilets. One thing is clear: those small toys can clog the drain. Fortunately, since most toys are big, moms and dads can immediately identify and locate the problem. They may unclog the toilet using a plunger or, using gloves, remove the small object directly from the bowl.

Whatever is causing plumbing issues, don’t take it for granted. Letting the problem linger may be costlier in the end.


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