Stunning Outdoor Space

With milder weather rapidly approaching, it is natural for thoughts to change to summer evenings spent in the garden socializing with family and friends. Panic often goes hand in hand with these thoughts and mostly because you are all too aware that your outdoor space has been neglected and needs bags of TLC. Fear not for if you continue reading, you will find we have provided you with five easy ways to create a stunning outdoor space.

1. Create the perfect patio area

A patio area is an absolute must when you are considering hosting barbecues and other garden gatherings. It does not have to be something you throw lots of money at, nor does it need to be complicated. A patio could comprise simply a few paving slabs on a level surface and that is all. Of course, you will also need a decent table and chairs set in addition to a barbecue. Choosing appropriate lighting can also support you in your efforts of creating a certain ambience. Always think about how chosen items will make you feel when you are sitting down, enjoying a glass of wine or non-alcoholic delight; this will help you make choices with which you are happy.

2. Create a relaxing space

Entertainment is just one purpose of your outdoor space. If you wish to use your garden on a regular basis as an area in which to relax, consider creating room especially for that. Whether you intend to practice yoga or Pilates, or you are keen to soak up the summer rays from the scorching sun, you can do these things without spending too much of your precious free time. If the trickle of water supports your aim of relaxation, why not invest in an outdoor water feature with modern look? Not only will the sound help you drift off into a better place, but it will be aesthetically pleased too.

3. Inject Some Color

Nature is bright and colorful. Why not take inspiration and create a vibrant space? An array of evergreen plants, bushes and trees can be impactful alongside a sprinkling of beautiful flowers. For an even more colorful space, try painting some terracotta pots in bright teal or fuchsia pink. Having pots with flowers and herbs in makes gardening a lot easier if you are far from being a green-fingered god or goddess.

4. A Lick of Paint

Garden fences and walls can start to look drab during the winter months. The weather can take its toll and colors fade easily. Why not dig out your paint brush and add a fresh lick of paint to walls and fencing? Doing this does not take a huge amount of time, does not require a high level of expertise, yet does have a real impact on the way your outside space looks.

5. Keep on Top of Things

The key to maintaining a beautiful looking garden is to keep on top of things. Mowing the lawn on a regular basis is vital as is de-heading flowers that are past their best. Weeding flower beds does not have to take hours either, especially if you take the little and often approach. If gardening really is not your thing, consider hiring a local gardener to ease the load or consult with landscaping tree expert seattle.


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