5 Reasons to Move to Columbia, SC - why not to move to columbia, sc
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Columbia is a gorgeous city that’s often overlooked: making it one of the best-kept secrets of the Carolinas. If you’re considering a move and want to end up in a city that speaks to your interests and needs, these are the top five reasons anyone should consider moving to Columbia, South Carolina.

Deliciously Comforting Food and Flavors

Warm Gorgeous Summers and Mild Winters

If you’re sick of ice and snow and want to move somewhere far more welcoming, it’s time to consider Columbia! This city has luxuriously long and warm summers that can encourage you to spend more time outside and exercising. This is time you can spend road tripping to the beaches or enjoying the local fairs and entertainment.

Although winter does come to Columbia, it’s mild and easy to work through. The weather doesn’t drop below freezing often; it’s just cool enough to pull on a sweater and feel comfortable.

Affordable City Living

Affordable City Living - cities with low cost of living and high wages 2022
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If you have the chance to look at Columbia houses for sale, you’ll love the price tags you see! Columbia is one of the cheapest cities in the country, offering pockets of affordability that ensure you can get a home with enough space to grow in with your family.

Beyond housing, food, entertainment, and medical care are all far more affordable in Columbia than in other large cities. You can afford to take the time to enjoy yourself and explore the city while still living within your means.

A Long and Interesting History to Explore

Columbia is one of the oldest areas in the country, which has led to a long and interesting history. Although there are some darker parts that our nation has worked through, it’s still important to learn about these and grow from them. Pushing this history down and forgetting about it will only lead to issues with repeating it.

Beyond that, getting to know the more uncomfortable facets of the nation’s past ensures that you can better understand the city’s present, seeing it in the context of what made it into what it is today.

Incredible Nightlife and Entertainment

Incredible Nightlife and Entertainment - top 10 night clubs in the world
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Living in Columbia means you never have to spend a night bored! This city is full of amazing entertainment and nightlife that will leave you excited to see and do more every time. From countless clubs to endless bars, restaurants, and more that you’ll love. This lifestyle can get expensive, so make sure to budget for it if you plan on having these types of party nights often!

Friendly Locals and Tight Communities

As a southern city, it’s no surprise that there’s a large sense of community here. From the church communities to the social groups and gatherings you can find on sites like Facebook, there’s a lot of fun to be had getting to join in and become part of the community. Just remember that even though Columbia is a large city, news travels fast across these networks, and gossip might catch up with you!

You’ll Fall in Love With Columbia!

Columbia is a one-of-a-kind city that has a little bit of something for everyone. Whether you’re considering moving for work, or you’re interested in relocating for cheaper living, it’s time to consider this city.


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