The first sweatshirts in 1925 were technical garments for football players, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor sports. Made with lightweight cotton, they are capable of wicking away sweat, hence the name. They were a more comfortable alternative to the wool jerseys that can get heavy when soaked with sweat.

Over the years, the line separating the athletic and leisure purposes of wearing the sweatshirt has blurred considerably. The style options have also grown exponentially. You can now find men’s sweatshirts online in any design or colour that can be worn on any occasion. Here are a few instances where wearing a sweater is suitable.

1. At the Office


The transformation that the once technical sweatshirt has gone through in the fashion industry is truly significant. In offices, sweatshirts are now commonly worn. A clean-cut sweater with a neutral colour is an excellent choice for smart-casual attire, especially when paired with chinos, khakis, or selvedge jeans. Throw in boat shoes or loafers and layer with a coat or jacket, and you have that preppy, collegiate look.

2. As Casual Wear

Casual Wear

The sweatshirt is also an excellent choice for a more casual look. You can wear one with the logo of your favourite game or team if going out with friends. A print of a slogan or motto will help you stand out and make a statement. It looks best with joggers or blue jeans and casual sneakers. There is no limit to the number of ways you can mix and match your attire.

3. As Loungewear

Oversized sweatshirts are comfortable to lounge in, making them a great option when relaxing during the weekend. Watching the games or your favourite shows is more enjoyable in a loose-fitting sweatshirt, shorts or cotton jeans, and comfortable sneakers or slippers. You can look for men’s sweatshirts online and find one with block colours and big logos, which is becoming a trend in sportswear.

4. For a Winter Look

It is easy to get cosy and comfortable during the winter with a warm sweatshirt. You can pair it with equally warm sweatpants or track pants for a run or brisk walk. Boot-cut or straight-fit jeans would also go well with the sweatshirt.

With the right layers and/or accessories, you can wear a winter sweatshirt with style. Those who are feeling defiant can wear sweaters with vibrant colours to balance out the dull, grey winter. You could also bundle up in style to counter the cold. An additional layer of polar fleece is perfect for particularly colder months.

5. When Doing Exercises


Staying true to its original purpose, you can wear a trendy sweatshirt when doing your exercises. This is beneficial for you in two ways—you can burn more calories and look good at the same time. If you are wearing a sweatshirt during the workout or while running, it can increase your heart rate, and you could sweat more. Choosing one with the style or design you prefer can make you look good even when drenched with sweat.

The modern-day sweater is versatile and as fluid as the fashion industry. With the unlimited options from men’s sweatshirts online, wearing a sweater on any occasion is now possible. The only limit is your fascination when it comes to discovering a way to wear a sweatshirt with style.

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