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Flowers have historically been popular gifts on special occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. The versatile nature of flowers makes them the perfect gift for any event, whether happy or sad. However, with so many options for floral gifts and a wide range of websites to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming to make the right choice for gifting. If you are looking for websites to give your loved one flower on a special occasion, look no further than FTD. It is a floral industry veteran meeting the floral needs of its clients since 1910. The website is the perfect place to choose and customize a gift for your loved one to demonstrate your love and appreciation for their presence in your life. Keep reading as we discover the reasons why FTD.com is the best site to use for flower delivery.

Wide Selection of Flowers

This floral website has a wide selection of flowers, including roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, daisies, pansies, sunflowers, and more. Each bouquet is hand-crafted with love and care and uses the highest quality flowers and other materials to craft the perfect bouquet for your gifting needs. Bouquets are available in hundreds of unique designs delivered fresh to your doorstep. It’s always nice to have a great variety of options instead of being stuck with bouquets that don’t fit the vibe.

Same-Day Delivery

If you forget to send a gift to your loved one on their special event due to your busy schedule or need to send a gift immediately, you can rely on FTD for its same-day delivery service. By choosing a bouquet design and the delivery location, you can send an exquisite floral gift to your loved one and make sure that their day receives a memorable contribution from you. We always get busy so it is fantastic that they offer that service so you can make sure your loved one gets the flowers when they deserve them!

Expertly Curated Collections

With its wide range of expertly curated collections for different occasions, seasons, and gifting themes, FTD has you covered for easy gift selection. Each collection is designed keeping client gifting needs in mind and has been refined through years of experience in the floral industry to deliver a unique gifting experience to customers. These floral arrangements are meant to be seen and adored by those who are being gifted them.

More Than Flowers

Flower delivery shops rarely offer gifting options other than flowers, and those that allow gifting combos to have limited options. It is not the case with FTD, where you can get a wide range of beautiful and thoughtful gifts to pair with your flowers, including chocolates, cupcakes, cards, cakes, scented candles, champagne, wine, cookies, and more. They collaborate with gifting partners like Milk Bar, Baked by Melissa, and others to create the perfect gifts for all occasions.

Corporate Gifting

Whether it is a holiday gift or a welcome bundle for employees, you can rely on FTD to cater to your corporate gifting needs. The website offers a wide range of corporate gifts featuring chocolates, flowers, fruits, and other delectable items to give your employees and show them how much you care. It is always nice to know that you are appreciated in the workplace and receiving these gifts shows just that.


If you are looking for a website to send flowers to your loved ones, FTD might be the perfect choice for you. The website offers multiple perks, including curated collections, high-quality, hand-picked bouquets, corporate gifting options, gifting bundles, and more. They will make sure that the flowers are sent on time, they are the perfect bouquet, and your experience goes smoothly. They will always have your best interest, especially when it comes to their bouquets.


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