5 ways to kill boredom during Quarantine

Global pandemic came in unplanned while we were busy making plans of our own. We all are a little tired of being self-quarantined amidst corona crisis. While we are fantasizing about being on that trip we were supposed to be on, attending our graduation ceremony, meeting up friends or dining out; we all understand how severe the COVID-19 situation is and the best safety measure is to stay at home.

One thing we are not short on is “TIME”. So here we have made a list of 5 interesting things you can do during quarantine that were put off before because of lack of time.

Easy Ways to Kill Boredom During Quarantine

1. Book Reading

Book Reading

Catch up on all the reading you could never complete due to the busy routine. Dust off that sad book hidden in your bookshelf, start off where you left and make it feel wanted again. Consider it a therapy for reading all that depressing news. Don’t have anything new to read and desperately in need of a book? Don’t let this be your excuse! There are thousands of e-books available for free online. Search for the right one and get going.

2. Explore your cooking/baking skills


Craving that pizza you used to order or your sweet tooth can’t wait anymore? You can have it all within the boundaries of your home. It’s never too late to start cooking. You might just find yourself to be no less than a master chef. Look for recipes online. Pizza, pasta, cake, brownies, or anything you are longing to eat, internet has got it all covered for you!

3. Exercise / Yoga / Meditate


Working out can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. It increases the level of endorphins, dopamine, and adrenaline in your body which results in making you feel happier and gives you positive energy. So exercise or meditate to kill the negative vibe spread amidst pandemic. This is the time you can also focus on shredding off those extra pounds you gained. Stay fit, stay healthy!


4. Indoor Games/ Board Games

Kill Boredom During Quarantine with indoor games

Spend some quality time with family that you couldn’t before. The timing to bring out those boring old board games back to life couldn’t be any better than now. Make them a part of your fun-filled family nights and make new memories that you can cherish forever. Engage in healthy competition and enjoy the moments. Some of the games you could play are ludo, monopoly, scrabble, twister, chess, carrom, dart board, cards, and table tennis.

5. Watch Netflix


Netflix and chill can never be overrated! This is the best way to kill boredom and be entertained by all the seasons that are being streamed currently. Watch a movie that made to your list that was not seen before or watch Money Heist to comprehend what all the hype is about. If you are in for a good laugh than re-watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S as we definitely are still obsessing over it.

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