You’ve noticed the outbreak coronavirus that is also known as COVID-19 or Sars COCorona Virus Disease (COVID-19) |Recommendations for Killing Covid-19 GermsVID 2. Sars COVID 2 refers to the virus causes is called COVID-19. I know many of you must be going to the stores. You are stalking up to get your supplies. A lot of people picking up the cleaning supplies to prevent the spread of this infection but many of the cleaning supplies are sold out. If you’re lucky, you got some supplies before the store ran out. You might be thinking that which ones are best and which ones will work in a pinch or either are any homemade solutions. So I did quite a bit of research and here’s what I found.

Public Health Message

Covid-19 public message

First and foremost as always it’s very important to say that you need to seek medical attention if you or your family is feeling ill.

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Corona Virus

The coronavirus is very new. It didn’t even exist a few months ago. Scientists are still looking out the details of exactly how it is transmitted and how long it will live outside the body. Well, we do know that this coronavirus is very similar to other coronaviruses namely the ones that are called Sars and Mers. The most of the information I’m sharing is based on the research of particular strains of the coronaviruses. The word I used to kill that doesn’t mean to kill the virus. Technically, you cannot kill coronavirus. You can inactivate it or you can neutralize it or prevent infection and spread.

What do we know about Corona Virus?


We know that it spreads from Person-to-Person. It is transmitted easily through sneeze droplets, saliva from the People who are in close physical contact with each other. Usually, this type of transmission is commonly seeing among the people that are 6 feet away from each other. Scientists have found that the coronavirus can stay alive for hours to days on the surfaces. So it becomes very important that we make sure all of our surrounding surfaces are clean with no coronavirus on them. It makes sense that cleaning visibly dirty surfaces followed by infection is the best thing we do to prevent COVID-19 and other illnesses.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

They are two very different things. Cleaning refers to the removal of germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. In other words, if the surface is physically dirty then you are cleaning it by wiping the dirt and other things. Cleaning necessary not kills things like bacteria and viruses but it does lower their numbers of spreading the infections.

Disinfecting on the other hand refers to the use of chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses on surfaces. By disinfecting a surface after cleaning it, you further reduce the risk of spreading infections. This is the main thing that not all agents kill bacteria or viruses. Besides many of the recommended agents are quite toxic to both our bodies. Lastly, many of the agents that can help in disinfecting the bacteria are not available in stores and online.

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Specifically about the spread of coronavirus, CDC recommends daily cleaning of the physical touch surfaces like doorknobs, tables, chairs, hard-backed, keys, handles, light switches, remotes, toilets, desks, etc with household cleaners followed by a disinfectant. Keep in mind that many of the products are toxic and you have to wear gloves while using them. You also have to make sure that you have good ventilation in the area where you are working. Keep in mind that this recommendation is for any household COVID-19 or not. However, if there’s anyone who has COVID-19 and it’s confirmed then the recommendation changes just a bit. If this is a case, you need to clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily and household common areas. It’s highly recommended that the individual is confined to one bedroom and one bathroom. It’s recommended that the person clean their room and bathroom with an approved disinfectant that shown to be effective against the coronavirus. It’s also recommended to laundry your dirty clothes and of course, you need to wash your hands frequently.

Hand Washing

Hand Washing

You need to use a lot o soap on your hand. You should rub vigorously and rinse it. This will remove the dirt patches on your hand. Fortunately, soap has been shown to incapacitate the COVID-19. It helps the virus to latch on and invade new cells. So basically soap renders the virus ineffective. There’s no way that it can affect a human cell after that encounter.

What about Hand Sanitizers?

Hand Sanitizers

Not all sanitizers are created equal. The CDC and world health organization recommend hand sanitizers that are at least 60% alcohol to kill the coronavirus. So here’s the thing, many of the hand sanitizers on the market today are not at least 60% alcohol. Make sure that whatever sanitizer you are using contains that amount of alcohol to kill the bacteria of coronavirus.

I hope that you learn some tips to clean your home thereby keeping yourself and your family safe. My true passion is helping people just like you obtain optimum help.


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