Broken Closet Door

Closet doors may break easily when they get old. I’m going to let you know how you can fix your broken bi-fold closet easily at home. The doors used in the closet are mostly bi-fold. It comes off its track sometimes completely. You are not sure why the door broke up. You can take a look at it and hopefully can repair it. It’s not that much difficult. The reason behind a broken closet is an adjustable pin screw at the bottom of the door that gets loose because of the wood that has split. So it can’t be screwed back in. there’s no need to worry.

Steps for Fixing a Closet Door

  • Take a small piece of wood that can be used to fix the screw completely.
  • Attach this piece of wood at the bottom of the door.
  • Mark the pin screw on the wood piece so that you can drill a hole later on.
  • Make sure that you have marked the dot in the right place.
  • Start drilling a hole with a drill machine.
  • Adjust the adjustable pin screw in the wood.
  • Screw the piece of wood onto the door by using two small screws.
  • You can use pliers to adjust the pin.
  • You need to fit the pin into the back end of the grog of the floor.
  • Use a butter knife to push down the top pins and place them into the upper track.

You will feel that the little piece of wood is unnoticeable. The movement of the fixed closet will become more nice and smooth once it has been fixed.

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