Burn Calories

Do your favorite skinny jeans not fit you anymore? Want to reduce those extra kilos or Burn Calories to get fit into your favorite dress again? It might seem a bit tough to Burn Calories and get your slim figure back.

Easy Ways to Burn Calories in a Day

You might think losing weight is all about hard work at the gym and having a strict eating regimen, but sometimes, even just the smallest amount of effort can deliver major pay-offs. When it comes to weight loss, what sounds too good to be true usually is just that. There’s no easy way out.

Check out these incredibly simple ways to burn calories;

Drink Green Tea

Green tea has many benefits and many studies have shown that drinking multiple glasses of green tea everyday can have a significant impact on overall body fat percentage. According to a recent study conducted on obese Thai men, it was found that those men who consumed green tea burned on average 183 more calories per day than those who did not. Many other studies suggest that you’ll need to drink from three to eight glasses of green tea per day to get good results.

Walk the Stairs

Stop using that lift for some days and walk the stairs if you want to burn those extra calories. Keri Gans, M.S. , R.D. , author of The Small Change Diet , says that walk the stairs whenever you get the opportunity and if there are no stairs , walk up the escalator , don’t stand still. So walk the stairs as much as you can and get that beautiful slim figure back.

Stand Often

Stay off your butts and stand often. You can burn more calories by standing instead of sitting. In recent years, standing has become one of the biggest health improvement movements. Try to spend more time on standing rather than sitting. Nobody can stand up all the time of course! But you can make some small adjustments for example you can talk on the phone in standing position or you can go and talk to your colleague rather than chatting over Skype, or last but not the least, you can simply walk the modern stairs.

Waist Trainers

Popularised by the Kardashians, Waist Trainers are quickly gaining popularity for their ability to help you hold your figure better and train your abdominal muscles through
compression. 2-4 hours with these a day can help you to reach your goals, along with the right exercise and diet schedules, and are available here.

Work out Daily

Seat more and more while working out in the gym or in your home and burn the calories. When you don’t get the time to go to the gym, stay active at home or work. You can do simple exercises using your office walls, chairs and desk. These simple movements can help break up your physical activity. Do sit-ups, squats, pushups or any floor workout you enjoy while watching TV. These little movements can add up to a healthy and active life style and yes it will help you in burning those extra calories which is your major goal.

Shake your Body, Dance Often

It is a fantastic way to burn extra calories when you’re at home. Dancing will also rejuvenate your mood and make you feel energized .Shake your body on your favorite dance tunes and burn the calories. Whenever you feel low just tune in to your favorite music and start dancing.


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