Platform Beds

The dilemma of being traditional or contemporary beds has made platform beds as one of the most popular kinds. These platform beds are preferred for many settings and are highly popular for the minimalistic designs, as they come in different styles and features, giving a refined look to your bedroom.

As the platform beds are usually lower to the floor, (though there are some with dignified height as well, helping you to add additional storage) they tend to make the room look spacious, which is why the interior designers mostly prefer platform beds for the minimalistic approach. However, you need to be more distinctive when it comes to purchasing a mattress for platform beds, as it requires specific kind of mattress, though most of them work just fine, still you need to take a thorough inspection before finding the right kind of mattress for your platform bed.

From last decade the platform beds have become increasingly prevalent as they offer convenience and comfort of a cushion having a standard bed frame. Disingenuously having simplicity in designs, these beds are minimal and rectangular form, mostly they came without a headboard or a footboard, but today the furniture has brought several advancements, so now you can purchase the beds with added footboards and headboards.

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Platform Bed Style


This style is used to create a firmer and comfortable sleeping experience and is considered to be more resilient and durable as compared to others.


The perfect style for traditional mattresses, giving your house an aesthetic and traditional look, working as a perfect choice if you need to add box spring.


A wooden style bed, which has a surface of multiple slats that are constructed in a small inch gap helping the air float through the mattress, by giving it a longer lifespan.

Types of Platform Beds

Solid Platform Beds

Solid Platform Beds

This is the most common kind of solid platform bed helping to make you go simply platform beneath the working process. These kinds of beds aids in making your back pain go away, as the solid platform provides with sturdy support. However, you need to be thorough when it comes to finding the right kind of mattress for this type of bed, as it needs the right kind of support.

If the correct mattress isn’t placed above the surface the possibility of having back and neck issues increases, making you more uncomfortable. Archetypally, the solid platform beds are chosen for their robustness and aesthetic appeal, as they don’t have any room for storage.

Floating Platform Bed

Floating Platform Bed

Having a bed that lets the air circulate promptly is again a great choice, and floating beds fall in that category. It lets the airflow through the slats, giving your mattresses area to breathe.

A floating platform provides center support which can help the individuals to deal with the right kind of comfort, so this support is disparate to visible legs, giving the impression that makes it feel like the bed is floating. When it comes to having a modern and artistic approach, floating beds seems to make the race win.

Headboard & Footboard

Headboard Beds

As these are traditional kinds of beds, so basically you won’t be able to find the beds with headboard and footboard. However, based on the needs of users, the furnishing stores designed to create the platform beds that offer comfort as well as the much-needed headboard and footboard for look and support, which makes this one of the most common types of platform beds.

The headboards and footboards deliver a contemporary take on this traditional panache bed. So, if you are about to purchase a platform bed with this feature, you are putting an additionally sophisticated style to your minimalistic design.

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