Storage Space in Small Garage

You may think that owning a small garage allows you only to park your car there. In fact, it is more than that! Once you come up with a proper layout and do your best to keep that space organized, you can turn your garage into a highly functional and ergonomic area.

If you do not know where to start, then you are in the right place! In this article, you will find a few useful tips, ranging from making necessary repairs and decluttering the whole area to installing a few wall cabinets. If you want to make the most out of the space in your small garage, then keep reading!

Make Repairs

Is your garage in top shape? If not, you might want to make a few necessary repairs. Ideally, you should start with your garage door. If there are gaps or holes in the door, repairing these should be one of your top priorities. Why is that the case? It will protect your personal items from water damage, among other things.

It would be best if you contacted a company that specializes in garage door repair and had their employees take care of it for you. On top of employing professionals who know what they are doing, such companies have access to the tools and the materials needed to make the necessary repairs, ranging from winding bars to the best garage door torsion springs.

Declutter and Organize

The first step that you need to take to maximize the storage space in your small garage is decluttering it. You will need to get rid of the items that you no longer need and organize the things that you intend to keep. Using a dumpster service to help declutter can make the process more efficient. You can rent one on this link for fast delivery right to your doorstep.

Once you start decluttering the garage, you can create a list of items that you want to keep. It will help you determine whether you need to buy any additional storage units to keep the items organized.

It is very likely that you will find plenty of things that are of no use to you. That does not mean that you should throw these items away, though! Instead, you might want to make a donation to a local charity or organize a garage sale.

Use Overhead Storage Racks

If you have a high ceiling in your garage, consider using overhead storage racks! It is an excellent way to store things that do not belong to a particular room. In addition to that, it is ideal for storing seasonal items, such as holiday decorations and sports equipment.

Organize Your Belongings

If you want to maximize the storage space in your garage, try creating categories for the items that you will be storing there. Once you are done, you should be able to keep your small garage tidy and organized without any issues. Here are a few suggestions for categories!

  • TOOLS – tools, equipment, hand tools, power tools, maintenance equipment, electrical tools, measuring instruments, construction tools, automotive tools, hardware tools.
  • AUTOMOTIVE – supplies, parts, accessories, care products.
  • GARDEN – garden supplies, garden tools, gardening products.
  • STORAGE – boxes, containers, bins.
  • SPORTS – bikes, gear, balls, running shoes.

Install a Few Cabinets

To increase the storage space in your garage, you should install a few cabinets in there. It will help you keep your garage organized, too! However, you will need to check whether the cabinets are sturdy and tall enough to accommodate your largest belongings.

Divide Your Garage into Zones

To make the most of your small garage space, you should create zones that correspond to how you use it most often. For example, if you use your garage mostly for storing outdoor items, such as shovels and rakes, create a zone specifically for these items.

On the other hand, if you use your garage mostly for storing seasonal items, you can create a few zones just for these items. For instance, you can create one zone for Christmas items, one zone for Halloween decorations, and one zone for Easter decorations.

Utilize Shelving Units

If you need to keep a few bulky items organized, you should buy shelving units to do just that and save space. You should check if the shelves will be able to withstand the weight of the things that you want to place on them, though. That way, they will not end up breaking.

Use Hooks for Small Items

Did you know that hooks are great for keeping small items organized? For example, you can use these hooks to hang your keys, tool handles, and equipment straps. In addition to that, you can install hooks anywhere in your garage, which is extremely convenient!

Buy Storage Containers

If you are into buying seasonal items, such as holiday decorations, you should consider installing special storage containers for these items. Storage containers can help you maximize your small garage space and keep your seasonal items tidy and organized.

Additional Tips

In addition to the tips mentioned above, there are a few other things you can do to make your small garage more functional and ergonomic!

  • If you are painting your garage walls, pick a color that is easy to clean.
  • Use a pegboard to organize your tools and supplies.
  • Use tiered shelving units for better organization of items.
  • If you have raised flooring in your garage, use it to store your tools.

In Conclusion

If you want to organize your small garage effectively, consider using the tips and ideas mentioned above together. Once you combine multiple organizing techniques, you will be able to make the most out of the limited space your garage offers and create a functional and ergonomic area for storing your items!

In case you do not feel like decluttering your garage, you can always ask your friends and family members to help you out. You might end up having lots of fun and spending quality time together!


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