What Are Locksmith Key Codes?

Locksmith key codes are a series of letters, numbers, or both. All locks have key codes. These key codes correspond to a pattern or a way of cutting a blank key so that the resulting key would fit into a specific lock. Thus, key codes are there to help us build keys to unlock different locks.

Some people think that only some types of locks have key codes. On the contrary, all locks should have them. A key code is a way for manufacturers to determine what type of key fits which kind of lock. It is also a way for locksmiths to know what key to make or use to unlock a lock. These key codes are usually found engraved on the lock.

According to Wikipedia, there are two types of key codes. These are the blind key codes and the bitting key codes.

A blind key code is a type of key code that needs something to translate it. The translation is usually made using a chart or a computer program. When looking at it, a key code does not usually make sense. It also would not make sense to a locksmith unless they use a chart or a computer program to decode it and transform it into something understandable.

A bitting key code is like the translated version of its blind key code counterpart. This is what a locksmith actually uses to make a new key for a specific lock. The bitting key code would be the one that a locksmith would input into the key cutting machine instead of the blind key code. The key code would then produce a pattern in the key cutting machine to cut a blank key to the desired shape.

Aside from the bitting key code, the spacing and depth number is also used. Together, they will provide all the particular details regarding a specific key’s form. These would determine the number of cuts, the spacing of the cuts, the depth of the cuts, and other conditions to produce a key that has the same appearance as the master key.

All locks have their corresponding key codes. Although most of the key codes are found on the face of a lock, not all key codes are placed there. It is important to know where the key code is placed. If you don’t know where the key code is, you won’t be able to have a duplicate key made. You also won’t be able to open the lock without the key, since the key code is needed for this step.

According to CLK Supplies, key codes can be found in different places. For cars and vehicles, the key code can be placed in various locations. Where it is put would depend on the manufacturer, the brand, the model of the vehicle, and lots of other factors. For most models of cars, the key code can be found on the passenger door lock or on the glove box lock. Even the center console can have the key code stamped on it. If you can’t find it, the key code may have been hidden by the manufacturer. You may need to use a mirror or a flashlight to look for the key code. If you still can’t find it, the lock itself may have to be removed to get the key code from it.

For vehicle owners, the key code can also be found in the instruction or owner’s manual. For some brands, the key code can also be found on the original key ring and factory keys. If you are consulting with the dealer or the vehicle company itself, you can use the vehicle’s VIN number to have a new key made or to open the vehicle’s locks.

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