Hair Care Tips

I’m going to let you know about the 10 essential rules that I follow while taking care of my hair. It will help your damaged hair to recover. These tips will make your frizzy hair straight and thick.

1. Brush before you Wash it

Brushing your hair before you wash it has 2 big advantages. First of all, it evenly spreads the natural oils all throughout your hair. It gives your hair a protective coat that leaves your hair to better prepared for all the shampoos and hair styling products it’s going to expose to. Secondly the absence of any tangle, strengths or knots makes it much easier to effectively rinse your hair.

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2. Wash your Hair Less

wash hair

Over-washing your hair has two main effects. By washing your hair too often, you’re stripping it of its natural oils. This will eventually result in your hair becoming dry and more prong to breakage. The process of over washing dries out your scalp which then often over produces natural oils to compensate. I would recommend that wash your hair not more than 3 times a week.

3 . Be Smart about the Water Temperatures

While warm water opens hair cuticle to allow shampoo and conditioner to do their job. Cold water helps to close their cuticle and moisture our conditioner which helps your hair look shinny and healthy. So by all means take a warm water shower but at the end rinse with cold water.

4. Apply Conditioner

Apply conditioner

Using conditioner on a regular basis is important because whiles a shampoo opens the hair cuticle. Conditioner seals it back up by locking nutrients in and pollutants out. I however wouldn’t recommend using conditioner directly on the scalp. Since your natural oils are anyways more concentrated around your hair root area which then might prevent your hair for having nice bouncy volume once it’s dry. I would recommend applying conditioners only in the end where it needed the most.

5. Handle your Wet Hair Carefully

When your hair is wet then it’s at the most fragile state. It’s important that you don’t rub and brush your hair when it’s wet. Instead try gently pressing and squeezing your hair without rubbing from the towel. When you rub the hair when it’s wet, it will damage your hair. Gentle squeezing removes more moisture while keeping the hair cuticles smooth. Also think about the towel you are using. It’s better to use soft materials as oppose to rough texture towel.

6. Use shampoo without alcohol

When you buy your shampoo, you should definitely take a few seconds to have a quick look at the ingredients. Alcohols tend up to swell the hair cuticle which then leaves to the hair looking frizzy. Rather helpful ingredient in hair product is glycerin which coats the hair moisture from inside out in order to block hair moisture from getting in. so my recommendation is to aim for shampoos that are high in glycerin and alcohol free.

7. Rinse thoroughly

You can have the best shampoo and conditioner in the world if you chapattis this step your hair will always look dull and wormed out. You always have to make sure that you rinse your hair super well to get all the product out of it otherwise it builds up in your hair and loses its healthy shine. Also the best results are achieved if you carry out your final rinse with cold water as this will seal the cuticle.

8. Use Anti Frizz Hair Oil

Hair oil

I’ve really been searching for a oil that actually makes a difference to your hair. You can take any good serum from the market. It makes your hair really smooth. Put a few pumps in your hand and then massage it gently on the ends of your hair. Once its blow dried, your hair ends will look super shinny and smooth.

9. Minimize Blow Drying

We all know that blow dry dries out your hair and often gives it frizzy appearance. I personally use hair dryer on my hair when my hairs are 90% dried. It will make your hair less much frizzy. If your blow dry has the option of blowing at reduced heat then definitely go for it. It will further reduce the frizzy hair.

10. Switch to Hair Rollers

Forget curly irons, straightener. It’s time to use hair rollers. In my experience, hair rollers are the most easiest and effective method of achieving beautiful, healthy looking and voluminous hair. Also with hair rollers, the hair is exposed to much less heat compared to straightener which also makes it much healthier for the hair.

I hope that you found these tips useful.

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