Khadi Sarees

India’s rich traditional outfits are renowned all over the world for their vibrant fashion and style. From the past several years, Indian traditional fashion has become the inspiration for numerous top-end designers worldwide.

Khadi, one of the indigenous fabrics from India, has become a trend in the international fashion community. It is not just a simple fabric but also rooted in the country’s long struggle from freedom and was first popularized by Mahatma Gandhi.

What is Khadi?

Khadi is an Indian name for the traditional handspun fabric known as “khaddar” throughout the Southeast Asian region. It is made by mixing cotton, woolen yarn, and silk. Khadi has traditionally been the prime source of income for families in rural India.

Although Khadi is handspun fabric, it is quite different from other handloom fabrics because handloom yarn is mass-produced in factories, whereas Khadi is completely handmade.

Today, Khadi has surpassed its image as one of the most popular cotton-based fabrics. When you are about to khadi sarees online, make sure you know the type of fabric blended with it as

It has been mixed and matched with other fabrics to produce numerous types, such as:

  • Raw silk Khadi
  • Matka Khadi
  • Ponduru Khadi
  • Tussar Khadi
  • Khadi Pattu
  • Banarsi Khadi, etc

Thanks to its incredible comfort and craftsmanship, Khadi has become one of the most popular fabrics in the global fashion industry.

3 Most Popular Styles of Khadi Sarees

When you choose to buy khadi sarees online, you will get loads of incredibly versatile choices. Let’s take a look at the top Khadi saree designs and styles available in the market today.

1 – Silk Khadi Sarees

Silk lovers will adore Khadi sarees infused with silk. Silk Khadi sarees have become one of the most popular types of khadi sarees available online today. Usually, silk Khadi sarees contain 50% silk and 50% Khadi fabric. These have unique texture and design, which gives them a classy, rich look. Silk Khadi sarees are pocket-friendly and are most popular in the Eastern and Northeastern parts of India.

2 – Cotton Khadi Sarees

Cotton Khadi sarees are the traditional form of Khadi sarees. These look earthy and display a subtle sense of style. The fabric is made from 100% cotton, which is woven from handspun yarn.

The fabric is extremely lightweight and porous, which makes it suitable for warm climates. Traditionally, cotton Khadi Sarees are worn for formal occasions or as a workplace outfit.

Cotton Khadi fabric is extremely eco-friendly as it is completely hand-woven and does not generate waste in its manufacturing process. It is normally paired with a high-collared blouse to get the right rich appeal that is needed at formal events.

3 – Handloom Khadi Sarees

Handloom Khadi sarees are manufactured using the traditional handloom using mill-spun yarn. These sarees are equally ideal to be worn on formal and casual occasions. The fabric is light and porous, which makes handloom Khadi sarees excellent to drape.

This type of Khadi saree fabric comes in a variety of textures and colors. The mill-spun manufacturing gives handloom Khadi sarees a more polished appearance.

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