What is the best vacuum cleaner?

In the vacuum cleaner we find a perfect ally for cleaning and maintaining the home.
Choosing the perfect one for our needs will depend on a large number of factors, since each person and each home has different characteristics. Everything will depend on the situation, the plants that the house has, the square meters to vacuum, whether or not you have pets, or the type of surface of our soil.

That is why choosing a good vacuum cleaner that helps us streamline the task (and leave our home perfect) is an essential decision for cleaning the home. Do you think it is easy? There are many models, accessories and other features that we must take into account.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner?

1. Difference Between Power and Suction Capacity.

The power will come expressed in watts and is one of the factors that stands out the most to try to influence the purchase. It is believed that at higher power, more suction capacity, but the reality is that they are two very different things. A high power will not necessarily mean a better cleaning result, but it can mean a rise in the electricity bill. It will be necessary to take into account, in addition to the suction watts, what is the outgoing suction power, since the effectiveness of this appliance will depend on its balance.

2. Take into account the surfaces to be cleaned and the necessary accessories.

Depending on the type of floor, the power must be greater or less, and therefore you must choose between one vacuum cleaner or another. Stop and think for a moment: do you have many rugs? Are you one of those people who continues with carpeting? Then choose one of the strong ones, with great suction power. If what you have is parquet, flooring or ceramic, vacuuming will be a much more bearable task for the appliance and therefore it will need less power.

In addition to the surface, you must also think about the most complicated corners of your home, there are all kinds of accessories created to reach the smallest corner.

3. Learn a little more about energy efficiency

In September 2014, the law that forced appliance manufacturers to carry their appliances with a label showing energy efficiency came into effect, so that the buyer has a good reference when purchasing one.

This law also implies that vacuum cleaners have to comply with the following clauses: the annual energy consumption must be less than 62 kWh / year, the performance must be less than 166 watts, the collection of carpet dust must be at least 70% and the capture of hard soil dust must be at least 95%.

4. Have pets?

This is another important point, especially if your furry little friend is one of those who loses a lot of hair. Excessive hair (especially if it is long) can clog the tank or even tangle in the motors. You have to choose the device that is capable of vacuuming large quantities, today there are many specifically for houses with animals.

5. Do you live in a duplex? The weight or ease of transportation are fundamental.

You must think that you have to transport the vacuum cleaner throughout your house; This does not mean a problem unless you live in a duplex, in an excessively large house or have a muscle problem, for example. Depending on your situation, you must choose between one of the 3 types that we explain later.

6. Know The Relation Between Allergies and Filters

Vacuum cleaner filters are always important, but even more so when you consider allergy sufferers. If there is no filter, the sucked dust would go back to the air in the room.
There are different types of filters, although the HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter is definitely recommended for these problems, which have different levels of filtering and collect even the smallest dust particles.

7. It is essential to take into account the capacity of the bag or deposit.

The bigger the better, since you avoid having to empty the tank or change the bag every two by three. Many of the models nowadays have a pilot light that lights up when there is little space and reduces the power so as not to overload the bag (or tank) with dust.

8. Did you know that they have security systems?

As if it were a car, some vacuum cleaners have safety methods such as: saturated filter or bag change notices, thermal safety, wheel protection to avoid scratching the ground, stopping the engine when the bag is defective and… Even bumpers for furniture!

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Vacuum Types

After contemplating all the above questions, you should know that there are 3 different types to consider:

Sled vacuum cleaner: It is the one that we have always seen, which consists of a small apparatus with rollers from which a tube and the nozzle or brush comes out.


  • Its versatility when cleaning different surfaces.
  • The wide range of models and prices that exist.


  • The discomfort of transport or weight.

Broom vacuum cleaner: It is much easier to handle, has the shape of a regular broom, weighs less and works with external batteries (so you do not have to plug it into the power).


  • The lightness, does not weigh as much as the previous ones so it can be used by everyone


  • The capacity to collect dust is much less.

Robot vacuum cleaner: they recently hit the market and are already a great feeling. If you do not have much time for cleaning it is the most recommended, since it cleans alone. It has much less power and a big drawback … they are usually round and therefore do not reach the corners.

A good vacuum cleaner helps with dust and dirt, making cleaning easier. However, household chores are expensive and require planning and work. You can check out some in budget vacuum cleaner here:


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