How to foster consequential engagement amongst learners is one of the longstanding queries in large lecture halls. In order to address the issue, audience response systems have been tested and then utilized in classrooms. ARS can facilitate the procedure of drawing out students’ prior knowledge. It maintains the attention of the student and then generates opportunities for meaningful engagement.

In this recent world of modern education, an individual has to slot in modern technology for classroom interactions and daily activities in the classroom. Technology has made lives easier and comfortable. From firm to fashion, technology has become indispensable for every part of life. Technology has also enhanced the level of interaction between people through numerous software and applications.

Lots of classroom technologies have been introduced in this educational market for catering to the need for traditional classroom teaching, transforming flawlessly into modern interactive knowledge transfer sessions. The interactive audience response system helps the teachers in assessing student comprehension and then developing classroom activities.

How Does Audience Response System Work?

A lot of people out there do not have much idea regarding the ARS systems. Well, this is one of the effectual tools, which have become one of the latest additions in modern technologies.

With the help of classroom clickers or ARS, the presenter can communicate with their spectators without a hassle. It is one of the wireless tools, which is quite beneficial for both the speakers and audiences. This makes transparent and smooth communication between them without any hassle. This system for all the remote users gains immediate feedback for the host in a synchronous way. An Audience Response System (ARS) is also considered as the Group Response System (GRS) or Classroom Performance System (CPS).

Imagine, instead of rising of hand till hours and shouting in the crowd to give your feedback, now you can easily do live voting through ARS. Audience Response System automated the whole System. Each and every spectator participates by selecting the answer they feel is right by pressing the respective key on the respective wireless keypad.

ARS Keeps Their Audiences Engaged and Motivated

In recent technology, ARS or SRS plays a very pivotal role. Whether it is in the classroom or in a seminar, this tool helps the audiences to keep engaged and motivated in every way possible. ARS is actually one of the reliable and convenient modes to carry out two-way interaction between audience and presenter. The major advantage of this tool is that it helps in removing communication gaps and misunderstandings between the speaker and the audience.

Sometimes, the speaker fails to make the listener understand the topic, and this is where the student clicker app comes as a savior. With the help of ARS, the speaker can make their presentation live. Similarly, when a speaker demands of the voting or audience poll in support of the topic, they cannot keep the track if the audiences raise their hand. This is why to eradicate that particular issue, and now spectators can easily go for the live voting or poll to state their answers.

One of the most excellent parts of this ARS tool is that the audience and speaker can easily communicate with each other in a seminar. The ARS and SRS also act as the best medium to carry out any kind of open-end discussions, polls, and evaluations. Consequently, keeping the viewers engaged and motivated throughout the session would be great.

Transparency and time-saving factor

ARS or clicker helps to get a transparent result out of a seminar. With the arrival of audience response systems, the whole voting systems could be made quite easier. If a speaker put a question forward, the audiences would be able to give their vote through audience response systems. The audiences can use their voting keypads to show their votes in a seminar. In fact, the time they will give their votes, their decisions get sorted and added to a particular candidate party or individuals tally of votes. It will assist the relevant authorities in making accurate decisions. Besides, the trends, inclinations, and also patterns are predictable through ARS polling.

Many conference scenarios get advantages from the use of social media. Not just transparency, but with the help of ARS or SRS, the votes are easily countable. When it is about manual voting, it takes a long time, and this is why people use ARS in these days. However, if ARS is used instead, the process becomes less time-consuming. Sometimes, business meetings, classrooms, conferences, or seminars demand quick results from the audiences, and that is where people need ARS. The whole process of live voting takes a few minutes only.


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