Did you know that moms are the principal sole earners for 40 percent of U.S households? Isn’t it amazing? Mothers are indeed the real wonder woman of this world.

If you are a mom and looking for a job to make money while staying at home, then this article would be really helpful for you. Making money while you are parenting requires work that adjusts with the demands of your busy life so you could easily manage your work and life.

We have got some incredible ideas for moms to work at home. All you require is the computer and fast internet access. These jobs will require low to zero startup costs and need little to no additional schooling. Here we go;

Four Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

Start Virtual Tutoring

Do you have a bachelor’s degree in any subject? Could you take out few hours from your busy day? If so, then virtual tutoring will be the best job for you. Virtual tutoring is the best way for moms to use their subject expertise or test preparation from the comfort of their homes at the schedules which are convenient for them. All you need is to have the access of Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts and other technologies.

Tutoring usually doesn’t require any in-state teaching certification, but the majority of companies who hire tutors will ask for a bachelor’s degree and some presentation expertise in a subject through an exam or other types of assessment. The average hourly wage for a tutor is $17.72 per hour. If you are a math genius, then you will have an ample chance to earn adequate amount of money because math tutors are always in high demand.

Moreover, you can also make money by teaching physical science subjects, English, writing (essays) and ESL (grammar, test preparation, and English for specific purposes). To get started with your online tutoring job, create a profile for virtual tutoring companies, which will allow you to be contacted by clients; you can “bid” on clients looking for tutors. Look for the tutoring companies and marketplaces, including Tutor, Course Hero and Revolution Prep to get started.


Be An Online Craft Seller

Do you have any crafting skills? Or do you love to craft? If yes, then get ready to sell your unique designs on online crafts in the marketplace. There are many online craft sites such as Etsy, Amazon Handmade, Craft Is Art, Bonanza, and ArtFire are some names. The majority of these sites will either charge a small fee to list items or take a specific percentage of your sales. Start by listing your crafts for sale on four or five online crafts marketplaces which offer high exposure. In addition to that, you can also sell you craft items by setting up your e-commerce site. For this, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee and some technical knowledge of how to set up your online store. If you aren’t tech-savvy, then it would be difficult for you. You will get variable income from this endeavor, so carefully spend your money on purchasing materials in the initial stages. Don’t limit your selling on just online stores, look for other markets. If local craft boutiques would be interested in selling your items, then go ahead.

Earn Through Data Entry Work

Do you want to earn dollars with data entry work? Create your profile on freelancer job sites today.

Data entry work sounds technical, but it’s a job to accurately enter information on a computer without any prior experience or a bachelor’s degree. It only requires necessary computer skills including typing, speed, accuracy, creating new folders, installing and removing software, sending emails and using the internet. It would be an ideal job for moms because it can be done from home and only requires internet access and computer of course! The average pay for a data entry clerk in the U.S. is $12.55 per hour. There are many freelancing job sites such as, Upwork, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Fiverr, The Smart Crowd, Working Solutions, etc. Once you get your profile ready, you can start searching for “data entry” to find gigs to apply for work.

What About Working as a Transcriber?

The job of a transcriber is to type a script. The requirement of this work is fast and accurate typing skills. Plus you need to have other things like good headphones, a computer and word processing software (MS Word). Transcription can be a mums friendly work because it can be done remotely and doesn’t require an extended ramp-up period of training. It might seem like that transcription means just typing, but it requires concentration and time. You can work as a freelance transcriptionist by registering on various gig and freelancer sites. In the U.S, the average hourly wage for a transcriptionist is $15.30 an hour. Do a search of “transcription” or “transcriber” on job sites such as Glassdoor to get started. Additionally, you can register as a freelance transcriber on sites such as TranscribeMe, Scrible, Go Transcript, and UpWork.


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