Interior design is about making a house look comfortable and welcoming to its residents. When choosing the right home design, you have to consider how your family will live inside the space you create. A good home interior design should be based on function and comfort rather than just adding a few cosmetic touches. By incorporating the right elements in your minimalist home, you can achieve these two goals – make your home feel comfortable for everyone while maintaining its minimalist style.

Here are some of the bestselling shutter designs for a minimalist home:

Call to Order Shutters

Call-to-order shutters are easy to order and install. It can be customized in many ways to match the decor or style of your home, whatever you prefer. The basic home design is a simple horizontal shutter made out of durable material (wood or metal) with slats that go from bottom to top, covering the window completely. You can have it installed in pairs, vertical and horizontally, depending on the size of your window opening.

Most stores also offer custom sizing for these shutters, so you will not have difficulty finding one that perfectly fits your windows. For example, a large window would need a pair or more for better shading and privacy, while small windows can just use one or two for a simple look.

Call-to-order shutters can help you reduce your energy bill by blocking the heat from outside during warm summer months and keep your home cool during hot summer days. It is also an effective way to protect yourself from excess ultraviolet light and prevent damage to furnishings inside the room, such as carpets, furniture, and curtains.

Shutter Blinds

Shutters are often used in many houses because of their easy installation and affordability. Shutters have the same basic function as a call to order shutters, except they come in prefabricated panels that you can easily install like ordinary blinds. In addition, they are less expensive than the call to order shutters because they do not require customizing and fitting, so it is more affordable for most homeowners.

One downside is that these blinds may not last as long as the call to order shutters if installed incorrectly. This type of shutter also does not provide privacy from the outside. Still, they keep your room cool and prevent excessive light during summer months – basically the same function, just a different look (less attractive) compared to call-to-order shutters.

Sliding Shutter Doors

A sliding shutter is the same as a regular door, but instead of swinging open and closed, it slides. It uses the same basic design as the call-to-order shutters, vertical slats with decorative panels in between that slide across the space to cover or uncover the window opening. Sliding shutters can be used on top of glass sliding doors or separately, depending on your preference. However, keep in mind that they do not provide you any privacy from outside, so you won’t get any added security for your house.

Custom Shutters

These shutters are basically customized call-to-order shutters with the same basic design but in different sizes, designs, colors based on your specifications. This type of shutter is custom made so that it can cost you quite a lot than the other types listed above, but these shutters will last a lot longer and look more attractive because they are made specifically for you. They are also highly recommended if you plan to sell your house soon, especially if you have a large window opening where it would require at least two call-to-order shutters or one custom shutter to cover the entire area.

The major advantage of using these shutters is that they provide complete private space from outside because most of them come with built-in blinds (that can be easily opened) on each individual slat, so it prevents strangers from peeking into your home any time of the day.

Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are available in different styles and designs. You can find wood shutters that cover the entire window surface, but some also come with decorative panels (decorative wooden slats) between each individual shutter panel, so it looks better if you have a large window opening to cover.

Another option is to use horizontal blinds on top of them because they don’t provide any privacy from outside, plus they still let light through, which means it will not do much function for rooms where there’s no need for additional shading or privacy from outside, especially during summertime – these types of Shutters Brisbane are really good for kitchens, living room, dining room and etc.


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