Behind the veil of beautiful smiles, many people are battling with the unfortunate circumstances of their lives. Depression truly sucks. It is like a virus that affects every single person from teen to adults.

People are taking anti-depressants to heal their stress so they can get along with their lives. But how long have you been taking those anti-depressants? Don’t you want to dodge the blues that are draining out all your positive energy and keep you dependent on a pill bottle? It’s time to get up and fight.

Depression can affect anyone; it drains your hope and energy. Around 150 million people are suffering from depression worldwide; it seems sad to see people suffering.

According to Global Burden Disease study in 1990, depression ranks at the fourth position as the most significant cause of disability. Then in 2000, it came in third, and in 2010 it ranks at second position. It is also shocking to see that the teens are also suffering from depression.

Overcoming depression isn’t a one day job. It is a slow process. The key is to take the baby steps and then build from there. Follow these effective ways to treat your depression and improve your mental health. You will feel better after following these techniques.

• Light therapy

Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant. Many studies show that the more sunlight a person takes, the lower he is at risk for clinical depression. Light therapy can be found more useful than anti-depressants. Research shows that natural light helps in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Take the small doses of natural light daily, it is good for your psychological well-being and also keeps you physically active.

• Heal depression by practicing meditation

Why eating the pills when you have a natural remedy to relax those stress hormones? The overwhelming pieces of evidence are enough to describe the power of meditation in healing depression. After evaluating over 18,000 meditation studies, researchers from Johns Hopkins University concluded that meditation is beneficial in treating all kinds of mental disorders and it has its best uses in healing depression. Meditation contributes in increasing levels of serotonin (happiness molecule) and gamma-aminobutyric acid (the relaxing neurotransmitter), and reducing levels of the Cortisol (the stress hormones). It helps in calming the mind and minimizing negative self-talk. Turn to the best guided mediation apps if you’re looking for ways to relax your mind.

• Incorporate Gratitude in your personality

Develop a habit of being grateful for all your blessings. It will bring positive changes in your life. It helps in improving your health, self-esteem, and relationships. Research shows that developing an attitude of gratitude help in making you a happier person. A study of Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of California (a world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude), confirms that gratitude works effectively in reducing depression and boosts happiness. It decreases the toxic emotions like envy, frustration, and regret from your personality and cultivates positivity.

• Get into the magical world of reading

Reading not only increases your vocabulary and knowledge, but it also helps you with your depressive bouts. Whenever you feel sad or have negative feelings in your mind, grab your favorite book and get lost in the world of illusion. You will forget what was bothering you, trust me. It works! It really does!

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Depression is a serious mental disorder. You need to be brave enough to face it rather than wish it away. But some kind of sadness doesn’t always need treatment. Tears can be healthy sometimes; give them a way to fall off from your eyes, they will wipe away all your sorrows. Be strong enough to fight with your depression and get over it.

Stay happy!


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