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What do you think about the makeup of working women? Should it be Sexy? Bold? Natural? Or Non-existent? The answer is not “sexy” of course! It should be natural.

I have seen many women applying a heavy coat of face powder and blush on, with bold eye makeup and lipstick. It seems like they are going to attend a wedding instead of work. On the contrast, there are also women who go to their workplace by just washing their face and tuck their hair into a clip without even combing. No lipstick, not either a lip balm, they apply. It looks like they have all the burdens of the world on their shoulders.

A well dressed and groomed woman surely makes a lasting impression. You don’t need to do heavy makeup to look stunning. You need to know which kind of makeup you do according to the events. Makeup plays a vital role in enhancing your personality as your clothing does. Many women out there are putting more thought into the type of makeup they should wear during the work week. They tend to get a little confused about what works and what doesn’t.

A first impression can make every day, even the minor details count. I have brought amazing ideas to make your every day look gorgeous. You are going to follow all these things. Right?

1. Use Eye Concealer to Hide those Under Eye Circles

Don’t look tired in the office; it doesn’t give a positive impression of your personality. It will make you look sleepy. If you have got eye circles, then cover them by using an appropriate eye concealer that matches your skin tone. Blend it evenly around the eyes.

2. Grab a Foundation that Perfectly Matches your Skin Tone

Do not apply an overcoat of a foundation; it will make your face look like a pancake. Don’t use a shade that is darker or brighter than your skin tone. Grab a foundation that perfectly matches your complexion. With a light touch of foundation, you can achieve a pretty refined look that’s suited perfectly to the professional realm. The more professional look will be neutral and natural. Use shades of brown and nude. Other colors can also work if the tones are light and complementary. Keep your entire face well-blended and balanced.

Before leaving the house, check the parts that appear patchy by standing five feet away from the mirror. Are there any age spots or pimples visible? If so, then cover them up.

3. Don’t Forget to Moisturize your Skin

Everybody loves to see lively faces. Nobody likes to see a dry, flaky skin in the morning.

The more you hydrate or moisturize your skin, the more it will look fresh and awake.

4. How can you Forget About Applying Mascara? It’s a Must Thing to do

Boost the volume of your lashes with a coat of mascara and get ready to flaunt those beautiful eyes. Apply a coat of mascara that matches with your lash color. It will help you look more awake, plus, it helps in making your overall makeup look more polished and glossy.

5. The Right Shade of Lipstick will add More Charm to your Personality

A good lipstick (no matter how light the layer) will give a more vibrant look and beautify your personality. It’s daytime, and you’re looking for respect. Sexy and ultra-trendy styles belong elsewhere. Apply a good lip color whether it’s a lip gloss, a lip stain or more saturated lipstick. If you are applying a bright lip color, then keep your eye neutral. A bright lip color doesn’t suits with bold eyes in workplace.

6. Trim your Nails and Keep them Clean

Overly long, fake nails or overdone nail art will not make you appealing; instead, it makes you look over. When you listen to the voice of your nails while you are typing, that’s the time when you realize that your nails are too long. Always keep your nails short and clean with natural or light colored nail polish. A perfect manicure will do the most of the job in keeping your hands and nails tidy and fresh.

7. Use Perfume Before Leaving Home

A pleasant fragrance will always make a fresh appeal. How can you leave home without taking a spray of your favorite scent? I think it should be a must-have thing in your to-do grooming list. When your friends in the workplace come and hug you or sit beside you, let them give a chance to compliment you “nice fragrance”! Be a woman with good scent rather than the woman having a bad body odor.

A woman with good dressing and makeup sense will look more appealing and confident. Be a woman of impression and let the world admire you.

Keep shining!


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