Apart from the basics of relocation, which include getting the right boxes, packing, and renting a moving van, you’ll have to make sure that the right people are notified about your move. Visit the to have a team planning the move for you.

Most people tend to forget things and updating your address is one of them. This eventually leads to lapses or missed bills.

Here, in this content, we’ve put forth a mini-guide to notifying change of address before the move. So, let’s check out:-

1. Local Authorities

Local Authorities


Tell your HR department about the new address so that they can add in their payroll and correspondence address.

Local County Office

Mail the complete details of your new address to your local county office.

Insurance Company

You need to inform your health and car insurer about the change of address.

2. Financial Services


You need to inform your home or car loan lender well in advance about the address change before the moving day.


They must be your top-most priority for updating your address as you don’t want to face the hassles of heading back to your old address to collect your bank statements & bills.

Credit Card Companies

Regardless you have opted for paperless billing; you must update your credit card companies so they can send the bill to your current address only.


Connect with your pension provider to update the address change over the phone/email.

3. Recreational Activities

When you’ve planned a long-distance move to a new state, then you’ll have to cancel your subscription to the gym or swimming pool. If you have time, then physically visit their place or cancel over the phone call.

One thing to keep in mind that the cancellation of the subscription has to be done via written communication to avoid any confusion. On the flip side, you are moving to the next block, then simply update the change of address.

Some of these places include:

  • Retail Clubs
  • Health Gym & Club
  • Religious Institutions
  • Magazine Subscriptions

4. Utility Services

Landline Service Provider

Your landline service provider needs to be informed about your new address, as you probably need to set up a new landline phone at your new home.

You’ve to tell your broadband provider to re-install the connection at your new place. You can get in touch with the provider by visiting their local store or over a phone call.

Water Connection

Tell your water supply provider about the day you are moving out of your home.

Electricity & Gas Provider

If you are moving to another state, then you must give your gas & electricity providers a week so that you can pay off their bills. Or if you are moving within the city, then just update the address in their profile.

5. Healthcare

If you are relocating to a far location from your present place, then you have to change your physicians too. This means that you’ve to tell your doctor and obtain your medical records for future reference. This applies to vets, opticians, and dentists.

Let’s Wrap up

Relocation is hectic, and to ensure everything is seamless, you must hire a trustworthy moving agency. Contact more than one relocation company, obtain their individual quote, compare them to hire the right one. Once you’ve finalized, share the address of your old or new home with your moving company.


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