Starter Home

While the vast majority of first-time buyers are inclined to envision luxurious granite countertops and extravagant chandelier adorned dining room areas, it would be best to keep your feet firmly on the ground while hunting for a suitable starter home.

Understandably buying your very first home will probably be one of the most expensive purchases yet which means you should avoid overspending even if you do qualify for a larger home. This is because there will likely be additional expenses that you may not have considered. Here is what you should take into account when purchasing a starter home.


Creating an accurate budget for how much you will be able to afford is absolutely crucial. What’s more, it would be best to establish your affordability before you start hunting for the perfect home to avoid disappointment best. It would be hugely disheartening to view stunning homes that you simply cannot afford, which is why you should ensure you only set up viewings for properties that are within your budget. To help get the best idea of your monthly repayments, you should use an online mortgage calculator and consider any additional expenses such as your utility bills.

Consider What You Need, Not What You Want

Once you have established your affordability and you have been pre-approved for a mortgage loan, house hunting can prove overwhelming. Let Murray Home Inspection help you see what exactly you’re buying through their reliable home inspection service. However, by maintaining the approach of looking for what you need in a home rather than what you want, you will essentially be able to make a suitable decision. This means you should consider exactly how much space you will need while taking into account that smaller homes may be more appropriate for first-time buyers considering costs.

Envision The End Result

It may be understandably difficult to view a relatively small property and contemplate just how uncomfortable or cramped the property would be. By envisioning how the home will look after you have moved in, you would be a lot more confident with your choice. Imagining where each furniture item would fit, and considering small improvements that could completely transform the home is a fantastic idea. As decor can make a massive difference even to small rooms, it would be wise to view properties with a most creative perspective.

Investing In A Fixer-Upper

Granted you are willing to dedicate significant time and effort into home improvement projects, you may want to consider the savings associated with purchasing a starter home that needs a bit of fixing up. However, you should take care to calculate all the relevant costs of the required renovations to avoid later facing a financial issue. Even though this option can save you a ton, it is crucial to determine whether or not you are willing to put in the effort. Many first time buyers insist on purchasing a home that has been well maintained while homes that require a fresh coat of paint and a few light fixtures changes would boast a much lower asking price.


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