Attractive Nail Art

Nail art is an innovative technique to color, beautify and embellish nails. It is a kind of handiwork that can be applied on finger and toe nails, normally after proper manicure and pedicure treatment. It is a sort of beauty treatment that polishes, enhances and gives proper shape to the nails. Nail art can adjunct your personality for a particular occasion. Nail art makes your personality more attractive every day. You can try different stones, bold and soft colors, glittery powder and jewels on nails. You can try these easy nail art designs at home for elegant nail art.

1. Removing nail color polish

You have to remove the old nail color from your nails before starting nail art. You can remove nail polish by using different kind of nail polish removers. You can apply a thin layer of nail polish remover on cotton pads and tissues. Make sure that you have removed nail color properly from nails edges. It is available in pharmacies and makeup shops. Nail polish remover costs 100-200 rupees only.

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2. Trimming nails

You should trim your nails to give them a proper shape. Trimming makes your nails neat and more attractive. Don’t cut your nails too short because you are going to do nail art. Nail art suits more on long nails but they have to be fine.

3. Base coating nails

There are different base coat colors available in market. Mostly used base coat colors are transparent and in bluish tone. Basecoat makes your nails strong and clean. It also protects nails from damaging. You can simply apply one to two layers of basecoat. Make sure that the applied layer is even. Wait for the basecoat to dry. You can choose basecoat color according to your own choice.

4. White Nail Art

White Nail Art

Beginners usually start nail art by following the manicure and pedicure tip. They only apply an even layer of white nail color on the tip of nail properly in a fine straight line. You can place a French manicure sticker on your nail. Leave the paper from tip of the nail. Now apply a thin layer of white nail color on the tip properly. If the nail paint layer is tacky then you should apply one more layer of white nail color to make it even and beautiful. Let the nail paint dry. You can remove the French sticker.

5. Stones Nail Art

Apply a transparent basecoat layer. Let it dry. Now apply a nail polish color of our choice. Let the nail color dry. Think about it where the stone will look beautiful. Now you have to use nail glue on the areas of the nail where you want to place stone or jewels. Place the stone accordingly.

6. Glittery Nail Art

Apply a fine layer of bluish basecoat on the nail. Let it dry. Now paint a bold color polish on nails i.e. red, royal blue, purple, black, etc. let it dry. There are two ways to make your nail glittery. One is to apply a fine layer of glittery transparent nail color coating on the nails. The second is to use nail glue on nails. Throw a glittery powder on nails. The glue will absorb the glittery powder. It will make your nails extra gorgeous.

7. Dotted Nail Art

Dotted Nail Art


Apply a transparent basecoat layer on nails and let it dry. Apply a violet nail color polish coating on nails. Let it completely dry. You can use toothpick to put dots of any color on nails. Dip the toothpick tip in white nail color polish. Paint small dots of white nail color by giving proper spaces. Wait for the dots to dry. If you think that the dots are not much prominent, apply one more even layer of dots again.

8. Swirl Nail Art

Apply a basecoat layer of your choice. Let it dry. Paint an even layer of white nail paint on nails and wait for it to dry. You can do swirl nail art beautifully with a toothpick. Simply add one drop of red, blue and yellow nail color on nails one by one. Mix three colors with toothpicks tip. This will give a beautiful shade on nails. It will make your nails elegant and different.

9. Unique Nail Art

Unique Nail Art

You can do nail art uniquely on every nail differently. You can create one nail as dotted nail. Apply an even layer of red color on a nail. Let it dry. Use the toothpick to add dots of yellow or black color. Let it dry completely. You can create one nail as swirl. Mix three different colors i.e. black, blue and grey with a toothpick on nail. You can apply a red basecoat on one nail and also paint a glittery nail polish layer on it. You can apply an orange nail color on the other nail simply. You can place stones on one nail as well. So you can give different looks to every nail. It will make your nails unique and extra attractive.

These nail art tips will surely going to help you in making your nails beautiful and elegant. It will make your personality more attractive.

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