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I’m going to let you know about the proper procedure of applying liquid matte lipsticks. You need to avoid these mistakes when applying matte lip colors or when you try to or remove it. These steps will be very useful for you. Because that is all not as easy as it is with normal lipstick. So if you are interested in it then you really need to avoid these mistakes before applying matte lip colors.

Mistake no 1: Applying Lipstick on Dry Lips

Given that matte liquid lipstick is already incredibly dry in itself. There’s always a risk of becoming flaky if applied on really dried lips. There’s always a good idea to put a little bit scrub on lips before applying lipstick. I like to use Vaseline with a toothbrush. I gently massage my lips with the toothbrush to remove any excess dead skin clumps. Once you are done, make sure the Vaseline remove properly with the tissue so that you left with even lip tone texture that is dry and still moisturized. You can avoid it by doing a lip peel prior to applying.

Mistake no 2: Drawing an Unsymmetrical Shape

You can use lip pencil to outline shape first to avoid this mistake. Since a lot of liquid matte lipsticks formulas are completely drying. We don’t have a time to get the correct shape right. Because corrections are difficult to make especially once the product is dry. As a result 9 out of 10 times you must be struggling that which lip shape and color you are going for. The simple trick is to use lip pencil first to determine the middle of your lips and then outline your lip shape. Here you pretty much have all the time in the world and you can correct the lip shape easily. After that you find it much easier to apply liquid matte lip color flawlessly and you only have to make sure that you stay within your outline borders. You are supposed to create a lip shape on spot.

Mistake no 3: Pressing Lips together too soon after applying Liquid Lipstick

You should avoid pressing lips together too soon after applying. Let top and bottom lip dry separately. This is something what a lot of people do. For creamy formulas it is perfectly fine to do so because you basically just equally distribute the lipstick on your lips. However when you do that with liquid lipstick especially with darker shade, you will find the lipstick becomes patchy. You will find that Is that a liquid matte lipstick only needs a few seconds to dry. As you apply it, it leaves different levels of dryness on different areas of your lips. When you then press your lips together, the dry parts will stack up product whiles the wet parts will lose product which creates the patchiness. Therefore it is always better to do top and bottom lips separately and only touch once when everything is dry.

Mistake no 4: Applying Too Much Product

Matte Liquid Lip Color Hacks

You should use fingers rather than want to correct. A lot of people complain about the really dry feel that matte liquid lipsticks leave on the lips. But to be fare a lot of people simply apply too much product especially when you apply more than one coat. Really you are not doing yourself a favor. To give a liquid lipstick feel and look, just do the outline with liquid lipstick and then blend it towards the side of your lips with our finger. The advantage of your finger is rather than adding more products that is not needed anyways. The finger kind of absorbs the product and therefore it gives up a lighter feel. Don’t worry usually the amount of product needed to outline the lips is already more than enough to fill in the entire lips section.

Mistake no 5: Removing Liquid Lipstick with Raw Force

You should pre-soak lips in Vaseline. I know matte liquid lipsticks especially the coyly ones are extremely difficult to remove even you have makeup remover. So a lot of people try to rub it of using raw force which leaves the lips feeling dry and sour. A better option is to apply some sort of pre-conditioner on top of the lipstick beforehand than let it soak for 10 minutes. Once the Vaseline has softened up the lipstick, you can just remove it with cotton pad.

You really need to avoid these mistakes while playing with liquid matte lipstick shades. I hope that you find it incredibly useful.

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