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Our beloved stars live a celebrity-grade life with all the glamour and provide us some amazing movie performances all around the year. They can be seen in luxury cars, Red Carpet moments and wearing some unique and fancy outfits in the streets, or relaxing with their families all around the world. But things were not at all like this for many stars who had to struggle a lot to make both ends meet and did a lot of low-paying jobs as well to fulfill their dreams. Let’s have a look at the life and struggle of our stars before their rise to fame:

Brad Pitt

Famous Movies: Troy, Fury, Inglorious Bastards, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, Meet Joe Black, 12 Monkeys, Seven, Money Ball, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Fight Club, Ad Astra, Ocean’s Eleven, World War Z, and many others.

Famous Characters: David Mills, Wardaddy, Achilles, Cliff Booth, Lieutenant Aldo Raine, Joe Black, Mr. Smith, Benjamin Button, and many others.

Brad Pitt is one of the most famous actors in American Cinema. But his career was not at all so glamorous as it is today. He was a dropout from the University of Missouri’s journalism where he had to leave his education only two weeks before his graduation and made acting his career. To pay his bills, he had to take jobs and ended up donning a chicken suit and handed out flyers to attract people for a restaurant by the name El Pollo Loco. He also worked as a driver for strippers and was also responsible for tasks like playing music. He also had to catch their clothes so that the people don’t steal them when the strippers used to take them off and also handled tasks like collecting money at the end of the show. When he started landing acting jobs, he started with small roles in shows and movies before getting his roles in movies like the 1991 “Thelma and Louise” and the 1994 famous movie “Interview With the Vampire”.

George Clooney

Famous Movies: Michael Clayton, Batman and Robin, Leatherheads, Gravity, The Thin Red Line, The Three Kings, Movies from the Ocean’s Franchise, Syriana and so many others.

Famous Characters: Batman, Danny Ocean, Captain Charles Bosche, Chris Kelvin, Matt Kowalski, Bob Barnes, Maj. Archie Gates and many others.

George Clooney is one of the Hollywood icons who started his journey to imfame mense in Hollywood as a college dropout who moved to LA to pursue acting as a career. But things were not in his favor and he had to do a few jobs to make money. One of his jobs was to sell insurance but the odds never were in his favor. Fortunately, he got a chance to perform for shows like “The Golden Girls” and “The Facts of Life” that aired on NBC. He also did some smaller roles in different movies like his 1994 movie “ER”. Today he is recognized as one of the best fashion icons and actors with a unique style and class. You can watch many of his superhit movies using the most affordable spectrum tv packages by Spectrum.

Jennifer Aniston

Famous Movies: Bruce Almighty, Horrible Bosses, Marley and Me, Along Came Polly, Just Go With It, Love Happens, Life Of Crime, Rumor Has It, Office Christmas Party, and many others.

Famous Characters: Rachel Green, Brooke Meyers, Polly Prince, Sarah Huttinger, Rosie Dickson. Nicole Hurley and many others.

At the start of her career, Jennifer Aniston also had to do some small roles and jobs. One of the jobs she did was as a bike messenger in New York City at the age of 19. For her, this was one of the toughest jobs. She also worked as a telemarketer and waitress. Jennifer Aniston made her way to fame after playing Rachel in of the most-watched shows named “Friends” that aired on NBC. You can have a look at the show even today as it is part of the American culture.

Hugh Jackman

Famous Movies: X-Men, Australia, The Prestige, Logan, X-Origins: Wolverine, Eddie the Eagle, Les Miserables. Prisoners, The Greatest Showman, Swordfish, Kate and Leopold, Deception, Chappie, Scoop, Pan and many others.

Famous Characters: Logan, Memphis, Drover, Keller Dover, Robert Angier, Charlie Kenton, Vincent, Wyatt Bose and many others.

Hugh Jackman had a relatively better career before he took up acting as a career. He worked as a gym teacher at England’s Uppingham School. According to an Instagram post by him, Hugh Jackman also revealed that he worked as a party clown until he started his career as an actor for the theater and also played small roles in films and on TV shows. He then got one of the most iconic roles of X-Men’s Wolverine in the year 2000 and played the role for nearly 2 decades.

Key Takeaways

In the end, it is not wrong to say that many of our favorite stars had to go through a really tough life to make their mark in Hollywood’s glamorous life and in the hearts of their fans. It is because of their resilience and perseverance that they earned the success they have today.

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