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Christmas can be a great time to review your digital marketing strategy to make sure you’re making the most of increased consumer spending during the festive season. There can be more competition between brands at this time of year, and more noise to cut through, but that’s another good reason to revisit your marketing tactics and pivot if needed so your business doesn’t get lost. To help you here are some tips from a digital marketing agency on 5 effective ways you can make sure your marketing stands out this Christmas.

Run Christmas Promotions

Consumers expect brands to run offers during the festive period. You don’t have to offer a massive discount on your products or services if that doesn’t make business sense but running some kind of promotion in celebration of Christmas will appeal to both potential and current customers more so than normal at this time of year. Offering a discount isn’t the only option; instead, you could bundle items together or create a package of services with a higher value than if the items or services had been purchased separately or offer something free with each purchase. This is a great way to increase the perceived value of your offer without discounting. Once you’ve got your offer in place, promote it online using social media ads or a Christmas Pay Per Click campaign, depending on where your audience is.

Don’t Forget Your Current Customers

Your email list is one of your most precious assets, so make sure you’re promoting your Christmas offers there on a regular basis throughout the festive season. One thing to remember is that your email subscribers are already interested in your brand, and some of them might have previously purchased from you, so it’s important to reward them for their interest and custom. You could do this by running an offer or giving away a freebie that’s exclusive to subscribers. Rewarding your subscribers’ loyalty, particularly at this charitable time of year, increases the chances of them becoming advocates for your brand.

Think About Your SEO Tactics

The keywords consumers use when searching for products or services online might change at this time of year, so it’s a good idea to adjust your SEO strategy accordingly. Do some research into the keywords and phrases that are trending as we head into the Christmas period, and update your website and blog if you have one to take advantage of this and attract more online traffic.

Use Christmas Graphics

Update your online presence by adding Christmas details to your website and social media graphics. You could, for example, add a festive banner to your website or change the colours of your imagery to reflect the festive season. Christmas imagery will attract the attention of your target audience, which is the first step in converting browsers into buyers.

Increase Engagement With Competitions

Running a festive competition is a great way to take advantage of increased online traffic at Christmas and get more people to engage with and become aware of your brand. A well-designed competition on social media can increase your brand’s reach to a much wider audience, particularly if you ask people to share it (although make sure you check each social media platform’s competition rules first).


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