Christmas Promotional Merchandise

Christmas is the perfect time to think about using promotional merchandise to promote your business; tapping into seasonal trends can help you reach new markets and increase brand awareness at a time when people are actively looking to make purchases. Seasonal promotional products are a cost effective way to get your brand’s message across, stand out in a crowded marketplace and help people remember your business. Here are some key benefits of using promotional merchandise to increase your company’s reach this Christmas.

Build Your Reputation

If you provide promotional products that are generally helpful to your audience, you’ll build a reputation for providing value while keeping your business top of mind when someone wants to buy a product or service like yours. Putting your contact details on your merchandise also gives your prospects an easy way to contact you.

Encourage Brand Loyalty

Sending promotional merchandise to your current customer base to thank them for their custom is a great way to reward their loyalty and encourage them to become advocates for your brand. It’s also easy for customers to share branded products such as pens or USB sticks with others which helps spread the word even further. Picking a promotional product that will get used over and over again provides multiple opportunities for customers to mention your brand to others and helps create lasting brand awareness.

Cost Effective Marketing

Even though you’ll have to spend some money initially to buy your products and get them branded, the longevity of branded merchandise makes it a better long term investment than some other forms of marketing. Whereas some marketing activities like using paid ads or organic social media posting can be a bit hit and miss, you’ll know with promotional products that people are noticing and thinking about your brand multiple times; branded products can therefore provide a much higher return on investment.

Establish an Emotional Connection

Branded products help create an emotional connection between businesses and consumers; everyone loves a freebie and receiving something for nothing creates a positive impression of your brand. Establishing an emotional connection with customers increases the chances they’ll want to invest in your business.

Convey Your Brand Message

Promotional merchandise is a great way to convey what your brand is all about in a quick and succinct way; for example, including your company slogan or strapline if you have one, or highlighting your business values, is an effective way to quickly get your message across in an understated way.

Stand Out From the Competition

The quality or relevance of your branded products can be a great way to stand out from the crowd; they may even encourage consumers to switch brands altogether if they’re well thought out and meet your target audience’s needs better than those of competitors. Branded products also offer a chance to be creative and think outside the box in terms of what you offer, which is another great way of standing out.

As you can see there are many benefits to offering both potential and current customers promotional products, whatever time of year. Using this tactic at Christmas can be particularly effective as you tap into a market of people already primed to spend and more receptive than normal to receiving free gifts!


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