Makeup routines take up a lot of time. Beauty comes with a price and that price is generally time and whatever tag is on your favorite foundation. It’s difficult to reach today’s tough beauty standards without paying through the roof whenever you run out of lipstick or mascara, so feeling your prettiest can be very hard to achieve.

There are so many things to invest in to make this easier on wallets and purses. Many people decide that paying a moderate amount of money frequently is a cheaper option than paying a lot of money followed by none at all, but usually, they are quite wrong.
Here are some ways to make your daily makeup routine easier, and which might help your wallet or purse as well by getting the most out of your purchases.

Eye-lash dyeing & Eyebrow hair Transplant

Having fair eyelashes is every girl’s worst nightmare. They appear invisible, giving the eyes no wow factor or attention, and are sometimes mocked for looking quite bald. Some lucky women can get away with not wearing any mascara and just curling their lashes, but this is for the extremely privileged.

So, a way to tackle having invisible eyelashes, but without spending a bomb on mascara every year is to get them dyed. You may still need to use mascara, but one or two coats is surely more economical than the four or five layers you are currently putting on. This helps your mascara last longer- or you may even become one of those lucky few who don’t have to use it at all.

Filling in your eyebrows every morning can be very dull and boring. And when you get them wonky, it can be a nightmare to correct. If you get an eyebrow hair transplant, you can thicken up your eyebrows to stop them thinning from over-plucking and natural aging.
This is a good investment to make, especially if you’re sick and tired of paying for yet another eyebrow pencil. Many companies, such as, offer professional advice and services to make your eyebrows perfect for you. This can be a great investment to make if you find you are paying too much too often to maintain what could be one of your most beautiful assets.

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Recycling your own make up

Finishing a stick of lipstick feels like an achievement. However, what you probably didn’t notice is the good half-inch still left in the tube. Use a sterilized scalpel or tool to get out the last of your lipstick so it doesn’t go to waste, and mix it with some clear Vaseline (or even your favorite tubbed lip gloss).

This puts that extra bit of your favorite shade to work, and not in the bin where it regularly ends up. It has been suggested to keep your self-mixed makeup in the fridge or in a cool box to stop it from potentially melting, but they should be alright for travel if you cool them before packing.

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