Ever since the coronavirus reached the shores of the UK, our major cities have taken a big hit. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged people not to write off big cities such as London yet, as they will strongly bounce back as the pandemic diminishes.
With this in mind, here are 7 reasons why London will have no problem bouncing back from the pandemic.

1. It’s the Capital City of the UK

As the capital city of the UK, this makes London an economic center for both national and international business and tourism. In fact, it is estimated that London’s economy amounts to 22% of the UK’s GDP. This means that London is likely to be one of the first British cities to bounce back from the pandemic.

2. The Mayor of London’s ‘Let’s Do London’ Campaign

The recently announced ‘Lets Do London’ campaign promises to make this the “best summer London’s ever seen”. Backed by a £6million government budget, London’s Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan hopes that this injection into the city will give the economy a much-needed boost after the pandemic.

3. Increased National and International Tourism as Borders Reopen

With the risk of the pandemic receding, it is hoped that borders across the globe will continue to reopen for travel. If this all goes to plan, this will lead to an increase in both national and international tourism in London.

4. Leading Hotel and Hospitality Market in the UK

Once tourism is on the rise, this will increase demand for hotels and other hospitality services in the capital. As London is home to the leading hotel market in the UK, increased tourism will help the City of London hotels to bounce back from the pandemic.

5. West End Theatres are Starting to Open their Doors Once more

Theatres in London’s West End have finally been given the ‘all clear’ to open from 17th May, over a year after closing their doors. The West End is one of London’s most famous tourist attractions, and even social distancing won’t put a dampener on the magic.

6. As People go Back to Work, there Will Be more Business Trips to the UK’s Economic Capital

The leading business sectors in London are mainly focussed on financial services. Unfortunately, this means that many of these financiers will have been affected by the coronavirus work-from-home orders. However, as many of us are beginning to return to work, this should lead to an increase in business trips to the UK’s economic capital.

7. There are Plenty of things to Do even if you’re Still Nervous about Being Inside

London has so much green space for its size that it practically fits the definition of a National Park. In fact, in 2019 London became the world’s first National Park City. With so many parks, gardens, and green spaces, there are plenty of things to do in London post-pandemic even for those who are still anxious about socializing inside.

Overall, it is clear that London will have no problem bouncing back after the pandemic is over. From tourism to business meetings, hotels to green spaces, London is well-equipped to survive the damage that the coronavirus has caused.


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