Best Escape Rooms in the World

In a world where everyone is trying to break away from the monotony of their lives, people are constantly looking for a way to escape reality. Luckily, escape rooms have come to their rescue!

Escape rooms usually revolve around a gripping storyline. A group of friends is locked inside the room. The team must find their way out by solving a series of puzzles and challenges and ultimately complete the aim of their storyline.

Because of their ever-increasing popularity, escape rooms have become a worldwide phenomenon. People are well-familiar with the term “escape enthusiasts,” who are skilled escape room fans who cannot get enough of this unique experience.

Escape rooms have been welcomed with open arms in almost every part of the world. Therefore, escape enthusiasts are present almost everywhere. Naturally, when these skilled players choose a vacation destination, they love to try out its escape.

So, to make your decision easier, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Escape Rooms in the world. Work your way through the list to find out which one is our favorite!

10. The Roosevelt Escape Room at Palace Games, San Francisco


Your team has been assembled by former President Theodore Roosevelt to take part in the War to End All Wars. But before that, you must prepare yourselves mentally and physically. Take part in this escape room experience to find out if your group of innovators is worthy of leading the war!

Duration: 90 minutes

Age group: 16 years of age or above

Group size: four to eight players

Player Review: I’m obsessed with escape rooms and have done them all over, from Beijing to Amsterdam to Orlando. Palace Games are unconditionally some of the best. Each is so different, with a great backstory. The Edison Room is probably my preferred but do each and every one. (Brent, TripAdvisor)

Head to this five-star escape room company for a unique and immersive adventure!

9. SOS at Escape Boats, Dublin, Ireland


You and your team are stuck in a wrecked boat. You must repair the boat and escape before time runs out!

Duration: 60 minutes

Age group: 12 years and above

Group size: two to six players

Player Review: Couldn’t recommend more. It the best escape room I’ve ever done. Challenging and amusing at the same time. The effects are extraordinary, and we didn’t want it to finish. The SOS experience and will be back to do the Convicts one. The lady who was running the game was super enjoyable and funny and made us feel really excited. (Patrick C, Trip Advisor)

Escape Boats is known to create some unique live escape rooms. They are a must-try.

8. Mr. X Escape Game and Puzzle House, Shanghai

Groups can choose from five puzzle rooms, each with different themes. The escape room center has curated a one-of-a-kind experience that is praised for its immersion value and stimulating challenges.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age group: N/A

Group size: maximum six players at once

Player Review: This is the first escape game my husband and I did. We have spent two years trying to find something better in a variety of cities around the world and have not managed to find anything yet. The room design is amazing, and you feel like you are inside a computer game; the puzzles are interesting and generally English-friendly.
We can’t wait to come back to Shanghai to play more of Mr. X (Jessica, TripAdvisor)

7. Szechuan Secret at Breakout KC, Kansas


Infiltrate a Chinese street market and recover the launch codes that have been hidden away by your enemies. You must complete your mission before the enemies uncover your identity.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age group: six years and above

Group size: two to eight players

Player Review: ”Szechuan Secret” had us hooked! Our very first of many escape rooms to follow. In fact, we loved it so much (even though we didn’t escape) that we went back and played in a different room that same day! We have and do highly recommend Breakout KC. They provide a fun, challenging, entertaining, and addictive way to spend an hour for sure! Jess was our runner this past visit, and she was super – very animated and awesome! (Delisa, TripAdvisor)

6. The Vault at Sherlocked, Netherlands


Step into the shoes of clever thieves and enter a ninety-year-old safe. Can you steal a mysterious object before time runs out? Get ready for an escape adventure that involves a versatile live actor to make the experience even more exciting.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age group: 12 years and above

Group size: six players maximum

Player Review: Super exciting, hosted in a classic Amsterdam building of more than 100 y/o. Original furniture, collective with modern technology, makes a very interesting experience. The need to be creative in social interaction as well as in-game solving is very cool. Best escape room ever!

Looking forward to playing the Architect from Sherlocked as well. (Sjoerd, TripAdvisor)

5. Budapest Express at Escapology, New Jersey


You are a famous detective aboard the Budapest Express! However, a murder has been committed on the train, and the killer is still on board. Polish your skills and find out who the murderer is before the train stops at the next station.

Duration: 60 minutes

Age group: 12 years and above

Group size: two to six players

Player Review: Both escape rooms of the highest caliber, Budapest and Mansion Murder. Very interesting and fun themes, professional decor, and very challenging (yet fair) puzzle solving. Highly recommended for the first time as well as seasoned escapers. (Baron, Trip Advisor)

4. Aunt Hilda’s Room at Trip Trap Escape, Geneva, Switzerland


Aunt Hilda was the first guest of the Grand Trip Trap Hotel. And as the legend goes, she has created a mystical land with mysterious creatures for you to explore. But the mystery is, no one knows Aunt Hilda’s real name. Step inside her room to solve the mysteries that surround her.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age Group: 18 years and above

Group size: three to eight players

Player Review: We have done both rooms in the Grand TripTrap Hotel Carouge, and they are both excellent. Out favorite is Aunt Hilda. It isn’t easy to give spoiler-free feedback 🙂 but let me say that the rooms are full of surprises and that the enigmas are never repeated. The scenic design is really good, to the point where you forget it is fake. It is definitely worth the pricy ticket.
(Valentina, TripAdvisor)

3. The Man From Beyond at Strange Bird Immersive, Houston


Get together and contact the spirit of Harry Houdini with Madame Daphne. Brace yourself because the ghost has arrived!

With professional live actors, responsive light and sound effects, and customized puzzles, become a part of a unique and immersive experience.

Duration: 75-100 minutes

Age group: 16 years and above

Group size: four to eight players

Player Review: We have done over 40 escape rooms, and Strange Bird was by far the absolute best. It’ll be tremendously difficult to top this one. I really can’t recommend it enough, just an awesome experience all around. (William Maready, TripAdvisor)

2. The Bookstore at Paradox, Athens, Greece


After completing The Mansion, The Bookstore is the sequel to the thrilling story of a distant relative with a dark past.

The dark past and its consequences are now haunting you, and you must escape the Bookstore. The dark past of the relative has been uncovered but do you have the heart to live with it?

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

Age group: 16 years and above

Group size: four to seven players

Player Review: As an experienced ER addict, completing over 150 rooms, I can safely say that these are some of the best rooms you’ll find… anywhere! The Bookstore is now my number 1 rated game from around the world. However, you should certainly start with The Mansion and follow the story! The setting, the variety of puzzles, and so many wow factors will leave you buzzing for a long time after (Ryan, Trip Advisor)

1. The Laboratory at Escape Room Netherlands, Bunschoten, Netherlands


Uncover the dark past of Dr.Steiner! Step inside his laboratory that has been preserved for over seventy years, and finds out what he experienced before he went berserk!

Duration: 60 minutes

Age group: 16 years of age

Group size: three to six players

Player Review: I played the Laboratory room a while ago now, possibly even two years, and it remains top of my list after completing around 15 escapes in both the UK and the Netherlands. I can’t think of the exact details anymore, but the superb puzzles, atmospheric setting, and excellent customer service make this one of the best live escapes out there. (Nicola C, Trip Advisor)

Critics comment that this escape room company has redrawn the boundaries of what escape rooms can be!

If you’re a die-hard escape room fan, it would be amiss if you do not experience these thrilling escape rooms. Note them down because they are definitely worth adding to your bucket list!


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