Collaboration is critical, whether it is a team of remote staff or traditional office workers. It is true, especially if they are working in a single project, or aiming to reach a similar goal. How can you work together effectively if you have not found the right software or platform that includes all your company’s processes?

If you are looking for a system provider that can build a unified platform for all your business processes, work with companies like Wild Tech Netsuite partner. They can customise a Netsuite-based platform for you to streamline your operational processes. The core of their system is team collaboration. They believe that if all members of the organisation are involved, informed promptly, and fully engaged, the company’s results will be better.

Collaboration in a single platform encourages faster troubleshooting

A company is made up of different departments, and each has its functions. The sales department may be responsible for selling the product or services. Meanwhile, the customer service department is responsible for ensuring that all clients are satisfied with the company, its products, and its people. If these two departments are not coordinated in their efforts, it is easy to disturb the company’s relationship with its customers. However, if your company invests in a unified commerce system that opens the intercompany channels to one another, order taking, order fulfilment, refunds, and customer complaints are tackled promptly.

In a working environment that relies on collaboration, important business decisions can be made faster and more efficiently. Since information is available, the decision is backed by facts and real-time data.

Single platform collaboration makes customers happy

For example, your company sells shoes to customers from all parts of the globe. Since your operation is on a wide-scale basis, you are expected to have warehouses, fulfilment facilities, and physical stores in key areas of the world. Imagine what will happen if your company does not have a centralised platform to integrate and consolidate your inventory and customer orders.

On the other hand, if you have an inventory management system in place, you can give real-time information to all your stores, warehouses, retailers, and customers about the availability of an item you carry. You can also track how many of these are available in a given warehouse or order fulfilment facility. So, when a customer orders, you can inform the nearest warehouse to take, fulfil, and ship the items. With such a fast and efficient service, the customer ends up satisfied and happy.

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Customer complaints are resolved faster with real-time information

If your service representatives know the process involved in every customer complaint they handle, they can give more specific and helpful answers. Most times, the reason why CS reps give generic answers to questions is simply that they do not know what to tell.If the order had not yet been delivered, the CS rep would tell the customer to wait while trying to pull out the order status. However, if the CS reps have access to such information as status and real-time location of the shipment, they can give a more helpful answer to the customer. This is something the customer will always be thankful for.

Do not waste time investing in separate and non-integrable apps and software. If you want to streamline your operation, be on top of all the company processes, and deliver efficient service to your customer, work with companies like Wild Tech Netsuite partner.


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