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Closed mouth acne is a kind of skin problem. From a distance, it seems that nothing has grown on the skin, but it feels particularly rough when it touches it. It seems that acne is stuck in the skin and does not grow out. It is more lethal than acne. People are uncomfortable!

If you want to know how to shut your mouth, you must first understand what it is. The full name of closed mouth is called closed mouth acne, which belongs to a category of acne.
Acne is divided into open acne and closed acne. Open acne is blackheads and whiteheads. The top of the clean pores is grateful to open the mouth, which can squeeze out the dirt.
The pores of closed-mouth acne mentioned today are closed. The dirt is hidden under the skin, which makes the skin bulge. It feels uneven and looks very rough. With the change of light, you can see a lot of bulges on the face. Of small particles. It is generally due to bad living habits, such as incomplete removal of makeup, thick cuticle of the skin, lack of water in the skin, etc., which causes the oil in the skin to be unable to drain and block the pores, causing the hair follicles to enlarge and form closed mouths.

The potential cycle of closed-mouth acne is very long. If you are lucky, it can develop into open-mouth acne or redness and acne in a few weeks, which can be cleaned up. With bad luck, it usually takes more than five months to mature. During this period, the small bumps on the face bother many people. They can neither clean up the dirty things in the pores, nor will they disappear on their own when closing the mouth. It will cause makeup and uncomfortable, unsightly look, and uncomfortable skin to touch, etc. Kind of a problem.
Therefore, it is very important to shut up in time. Here is an inventory of the most effective ways to shut up on the entire network!

Method 1: Apply water mask + cleansing mask

Targeting the crowd: the skin at the initial stage of closure and a small area of a closed mouth.

We can choose some lotions that contain calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, and stability-maintaining ingredients. In the first step of skin care, apply a water mask for a few minutes. If there is a small area of closed mouth on a certain part of the face, it may be caused by the accumulation of oil due to improper cleaning. You can strengthen the cleansing mask on the part.

Method 2: Vitamin b6 tablets + aloe vera gel/coix seed water

Targeting the crowd: the chin, eyebrows, forehead and other parts with closed mouth.
You can buy vitamin B6 tablets at ordinary pharmacies, grind them into powder, mix with mild lotion such as aloe vera gel or coix seed water, wet them with a cotton pad for ten minutes, wash them off with water, and then perform normal skin care steps. That’s it.
This method is better than the raw materials that can be sold everywhere, cheap and big bowls, the homemade method is also very simple, very suitable for lazy people. Moreover, many people’s personal test results are very immediate. If you persist for about 10 days, you can see the signs of closure. However, this effect may vary from person to person, so don’t rely too much on it.

Method 3: Brush acid Dafa

Targeting the crowd: closed mouth on cheeks, forehead, etc., and even some upcoming closed mouths.

Acid is one of the great artifacts for getting rid of closed mouth. It can soften cutin, unclog the pores and clear the oil in the pores. Common acids include mandelic acid, salicylic acid, A acid and so on. Acid brushing is risky, so use caution. It is best to conduct a tolerance test before using acid products to avoid allergies and other problems. Pay attention to hydrating work. Moreover, the above acids cannot be used in stacks, try on a small area on the skin as much as possible, so as not to cause large areas of skin molting.

Method 4: Needle cleaning in the beauty salon

For the crowd: a large area of closed mouth appears reddish or white particles come out
The principle of acupuncture is to use external force to open the pores and directly squeeze out the sebaceous bacteria in closed acne and acne, which plays a role in eliciting detoxification and is a simple and rude way to close the mouth. However, if you do acupuncture at home, improper treatment will cause irreversible damage to the pores, cause skin inflammation, and even leave permanent scars, so it is recommended to go to a regular beauty salon for treatment. The cleaned skin will become red, red and swollen, so be sure to use restorative and de-redness products for wet compress and calm.

Method 5: Go to the hospital to prescribe the right medicine

Targeting the crowd: The skin has poor tolerance, and the mouth recurs repeatedly.
In addition to improper cleansing of the skin and accumulation of oil, the closed mouth on the chin has a lot to do with acne and the gastrointestinal tract, while the closed mouth on the forehead is not enough for rest and sleep, so you can go to the dermatologist for confirmation and internal conditioning. At the same time, the hospital There will also be targeted ointments. However, when using hormone-containing ointments, you must follow your doctor’s advice.

After taking stock of so many to shut up Dafa, is there a way that suits you? When you close your mouth, you must pay attention to your own skin care methods and the rules of life. Only by conditioning your skin from the inside out can you completely remove the closed mouth~


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