It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started, and depending on where you’re from, lockdowns are regularly imposed. Many may have also started working from home, which provides more time to take on many activities while stuck inside. After all, staying indoors doesn’t have to make you any less productive. It can be the perfect avenue for you to let your creativity shine and tackle all sorts of DIY fashion projects.

One of the many things you can do is fashion-related projects. Be they for kids or for adults, there are many ways you can tweak and create new fashion pieces even if you may not necessarily be a DIY expert. Who knows, once this pandemic ends, you may find yourself having learned new things you never thought you’d be able to do.

Here are six DIY fashion projects you can keep yourself busy with during the pandemic:

1. Paint Your Bags

Do you have any plain leather or canvas bags you want to add some color to? You can easily make them look like brand-new, personalized pieces by painting on them. Don’t be intimidated by this endeavor because you don’t need advanced painting skills for it. You only have to ensure you’re using the right paint for the bag you choose, so research on that matter well prior to starting. The designs are entirely up to you.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, post your creations online, and you might just be able to find loved ones and acquaintances who’ll be willing to pay you to paint their bags as well. Another good thing about doing this project is that you can earn extra money on the side with it. Particularly now when job security is poor, any source of additional funds would be incredibly helpful. What’s more, painting can be a good avenue to relax your mind and release stress during the pandemic.

Along this line, it’s not just your bags you can create a statement piece with. You can also do the same with any plain T-shirt to give it more pizazz and color. Find good options here for this particular project.

2. Embellish Your Old Cardigans Or Jackets

Do you have denim jackets or cardigans that you haven’t used in a long time or are now looking old and weary? You can breathe new life into them by sewing in embellishments! There’s no ‘correct’ way to go about this as you can simply put in anything you like. If you want to follow a ready-made pattern instead of coming up with your own, there are many patterns you can find or get inspired by on the Internet.

The embellishments don’t have to be jewels per se. You can sew in patches if you prefer those. It’s a no-nonsense project that only requires the basics: some thread and a needle. Once you’re done, your old cardigans or jackets can match all the accessories you intend to use to make your outfit look more put together.

3. Transform Old Clothing Into Coasters

If you have old clothing that you know you can’t reuse, sell, or donate anymore, you can cut it into small pieces instead and sew those into coasters. The great thing about coasters is you don’t need to have a lot of fabric for them given their size. You can also use any print or fabric from old clothing you have.

4. Do Leaf Printing On Fabric

Plain tunics and white, airy blouses or dresses can certainly use some sprucing up. Among other printing techniques you can do, leaf printing is an easy DIY project.
As its name suggests, all you do is apply paint on a leaf before firmly pressing it against a piece of fabric in order for the leaf’s shape and pattern to be transferred onto the cloth. This is a nice way to transform an otherwise plain-Jane garment. And there are nearly endless designs you can create with this simple method since there are numerous kinds of leaves out there.

5. Refashion Coats

Old coats can appear like new when you refashion them. The changes don’t have to be extreme. You can start by changing the style and color of the buttons or zippers. Alternatively, you may want to tweak the length, such as turning a trench coat into a sleeveless vest. The final output depends on your preferences.

6. Make Headbands

Fun headbands are now back on trend! If you remember Blair Waldorf’s headbands from Gossip Girl, those have made a comeback. But rather than buy your own, you can always kill a bit of time by coming up with your own headbands according to the style you want. Think jewel headbands, printed ones, ribbons—go for whatever it is you fancy. Whenever you have to leave the house for essentials, you can dress up a plain outfit with one of your headbands.


The ideas above are only a few of the many fashion projects you can try while the pandemic is still going on. Apart from personal use, they can help you get started with a home-based business. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner because these projects are perfect for all skill levels. To make things even more fun, you can ask the other members of your family to join you in creating stylish garments and accessories in the comfort of your own home.


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