How To Supercharge Your Fitness

How to get in shape and do so FAST!

We all go through periods when we are not, ahem, let’s say at our best when it comes to exercising. We all slouch at some point or another. It is ok, it is definitely not the end of the world. Give yourself a break and while it may be depressing to look back at your social media pics from your college days, know that change can be achieved. It can even be achieved in a relatively shorter time than you may have come to expect.

We have to realise that it takes work to reverse the damage of years of living in not the most healthy way. Luckily, there are some exercises that can help and get you looking noticeably different in as short a time as a month. We will be brutally honest with you, the exercises and therapies that we are going to recommend here are not for the faint of hearted. If you have lost a step or two in the fitness game, remember that these exercises will push you to your absolute limit. In addition, we must mention the role that diet plays in the equation as well. It is in fact the bigger part of the equation when it comes to getting fit again.

HIIT and speed work

The benefits of speedwork are numerous especially of the high-intensity interval training variety. This type of training helps you achieve higher levels of cardiovascular fitness within a much shorter time frame. Just to give you an example of how effective this training method is, say for example, that a person does 30 seconds of sprinting with four minutes of rest thrown in between each sprint. If the person repeats this for about 5 times, you will burn on average 200 more calories than actual sprinting for that entire time. That is just 2 and a half minutes of actual work. This is a huge return considering the actual time spent sprinting.

As a result of this, we highly recommend speed workout and HIIT training to anyone who can handle the rigours of it and is looking to get fit quick. The type of cardiovascular exercise you choose to do is up to you. You just have to get in a solid 30 seconds of intense workout with 4 minutes of rest in between. You should ideally have at least three of these high intensity workouts in your routine.

Try Boxing

Try Boxing

Boxing is an incredible form of exercise for anyone looking to up their fitness game and do so quickly. A powerful punch is quite the exertion of energy, which is what exercise is supposed to be all about really.

Boxing and kickboxing of the traditional type, the ones where actual gloves and heavy bags are involved, are excellent exercises for anyone looking to get in a good and balanced full body workout. It increases strength and also conditions the full body. It is thought by experts that a regular 150-pound person can easily expend around 300 calories during a 30 minute boxing workout. That is about the same as jogging at a decent pace for around the same time. The benefit of boxing is that it uses up a lot more of the body parts than regular cardio does. It requires the full engagement of the body.

The movements that are required during a boxing workout will do wonders for your core; punching a heavy bag helps with gaining some formidable upper body strength. Most boxing classes will also include exercises that are reliant on the body weight. These exercises include lunges, push-ups and squats. In essence, you are ticking off all the checklists for a high quality required to get fit and do so fast.

Compounding Exercises

If there was a limit of four exercises that we could recommend to anyone trying to get fit fast, those four would be push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and squats. The main reason behind prescribing these particular exercises is that they are compounding exercises. They work on all parts of the body and can be done pretty well whether you have gym membership or not. The exercises also have a ton of variations in them so that the workouts always remain interesting and challenging. You can do them with or without an assisted form of the exercise and you also do these exercises with or without extra resistance.

One thing that we have to mention here is that keeping your form correct while doing the exercise is paramount to achieving maximum results and gains. Then there is also the risk of injuries if not done in the proper form. The other reason behind placing such importance on form is that if proper form is not maintained while doing the exercises, you get tired too quickly. Maintaining proper form, you should give your absolute all when you perform these exercises. You should be almost at the end of your physical energy when you perform the last few reps of these exercises. If you find that it is taking too long to tire you out, you may consider adding extra resistance.

Have you considered light therapy?

Preventing muscle soreness and speeding up muscle recovery are two important things to keep in mind when considering setting up your weekly exercise routine. Light therapy has been proven to help with both these aspects and you should really consider making it a part of your exercise routine. These methods are used by professional athletes who need much faster recovery times than most people do. Their careers depend on it, immediately after a match, they need to recover and do so as quickly as possible. Many professional athletes are fond of light therapy as it helps them drastically cut down on recovery times. These are people who are professionally required to be fit in order to do their jobs. So, if they trust light therapy, you can too.

Whether you have a big event coming up or you are just tired of being tired all the time, if you follow the recommended tips, you can see a visibly different you in about a month’s time.

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