Pros and Cons of Smoking and How to Quit

If you are tired of smoking tobacco, there is a significant probability that you are looking for the best way to quit. According to health experts, the process of quitting the habit is not that simple. Just like any other habit, it has its pros and cons. Exploring all of these before you take the first puff is crucial. Otherwise, you may get stuck into it without changing for a long time. To enlighten everyone about combustible cigarette smoking, we will first highlight the pros and cons.

Pros of Cigarette Smoking

Although health experts call smoking a high health risk, there are things that a person will definitely like about it. It couldn’t be that bad when millions of people across the world smoke.

Improved Social Life

Social Life

Meeting other smokers gives you an opportunity to make friends. The common meeting places are the designated smoking zones in public places like restaurants and even on the street. When two smokers meet, they usually get along together with ease.

An Activity to Pass Time

Lighting a cigarette and watching the smoke swirl is usually considered an activity by many. That is why smokers increase their consumption when they are bored. It is also a good way to take a break from work. Most people do it anyway.

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Some people say that it makes them happy – Although there is no scientific support for this, it is believed that people feel happy when they smoke. It is likely the satisfaction of satisfying your addiction.

Cons of Cigarette Smoking

When you hear the negative side of cigarettes smoking, you will probably want to change and start vaping, which is believed to be better. In fact, most people will rush to to look for their first e-cig and e-juice. So, let’s share some truth here.
It is addictive – As soon as you start smoking, it is crucial to know that you have started an addictive journey. The presence of nicotine and tar in the tobacco makes it addictive.
It has adverse health effects – Cigarette smoking is associated with cancer and other respiratory diseases. Organs like the mouth, throat, and lungs are at risk of getting damaged with time. In fact, there is ample research that shows how cigarette smoking shortens people’s life span.

The Bad Smell

It is easy for people in the office to tell that you just smoked during your break. The cigarette smell clings to your body for a long time and almost becomes permanent. Some people do not like it.

How to Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

It is easy to say that you can wake up and decide not to take a puff anymore. But the truth is that this is almost impossible. It is a battle that calls for medical intervention in some cases. However, it is possible to quit smoking if you apply the right methods.

One of the best these days is to use e-cigs as a channel to quit the habit. This is because someone can gradually reduce the nicotine level from high to low and kill the addiction. From this point, you can decide whether you want to quit or not.


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