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In life there’s always a reason to celebrate, whether it’s the New Year, someone’s birthday, a promotion or just appreciating how great life is. Nothing is as fun as bringing friends together for a fun party, memorable moments and stories that will be told for years to come. From karaoke to escape room challenges, there are so many ways friends can come together and have a great time.

When you’re throwing a party for your friends, you can’t deny how much you want it to be unforgettable, for people to be talking about how much fun they had and for you to become the party king/queen in your friend group.

Nowadays, throwing a unique party isn’t all that easy. With social media and so many great ideas already done, people have already seen and heard it all. In order to throw a party that really stands out, you have to think outside the box and get creative. Luckily, you won’t have to come up with these ideas yourself. This helpful list will give you some ideas for a great event to do with your friends without having to do hours of internet research.

Silly Wine Tasting Party

For a lot of people, wine tasting is a very serious activity that requires a lot of thought, but for a great party it doesn’t have to be. You can make it funny and silly. Tell your friends to come with any bottle of wine and then you can pour it into everyone’s glass, and give a rating of the wine and their opinions. The person with the best wine wins the night, but it’s possible that you will have had so much wine you won’t remember which is which. So keep a pen and a pad handy to make note of all the best (and worst) wines.

Vape Party

Vaping is all the rage right now, and you can make it the basis of a great party for your friends, even if they aren’t super smokers. It can be an interesting take on a hookah party. You could buy a few disposable e-cigarettes and get a few different flavors for vape juices for people to try out. If you’re trying to figure out which flavors people would like, check out https://www.zamplebox.com/e-liquid-awards-best-e-juice-flavors for some ideas. You’ll give people an experience they’ll never forget and something unique that’s unlike any other party they’ve been to before.

A TV-Show Themed Party With a Twist

We’ve all seen and even attended parties where we have to dress up as our favorite TV or movie characters, and people end up dressed as Wonder Woman and Batman. To make things more interesting, choose 3 or 5 TV shows that people love, and have them choose characters from that list. You can also make them choose from a list of the best TV shows of the year to make it even more relevant and challenging in a fun way. Then to really make it unforgettable, make people act out a scene in character and be sure to record. It will allow people to get silly and creative, and you’ll end up with some very epic photos and stories.

Top Chef Party

Turn your home into the set of your favorite cooking show. Choose people to act as judges and have people attempt to make gourmet snacks from the stuff on your snack table. Then they can come up with funny names for their dishes and present it to “the judges”, who will imitate cooking show judges and all the random comments and critiques they come up with. It will be funny to see people trying to keep straight faces.

If you really want to up your party host game, you have to get really clever and think of new ways to entertain people. All you need to have is the is the right props and things like themes and costumes to give people something worth posting and telling everyone at work about. You’ll be the best host for the whole year!


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