Change A Lifestyle

Do you believe you are stuck in a style rut? If so, it may be about time you considered ditching your current style and thinking of new ways to give your appearance a transformation. The way you dress and present yourself can have a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself and of course, how others perceive you, so you may have concluded that changing your style will work wonders for your self-confidence and self-image. In this guide, we are going to write a list of some of how you can change your style for the new year ahead:

1. Define your current style

Before you can truly transform your current style, you need to understand what your style personality is and what it may be is based on. Knowing where you are going wrong will help you make wiser decisions in terms of what to change. It takes time to develop your sense of style, and, likely, your experiences in life have usually helped to develop your style up until this point.

2. Do not buy something just because it’s a bargain

You may always have been used to buying a piece of clothing just because it is reduced in the sale. However, you should try and refrain from buying pieces just because they are cheap because it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll suit you or you’ll choose to wear them regularly. As a result, you will end up with a closet full of clothing that you’ll never wear again. This not only takes up valuable closet space but is also a waste of money.

3. Change the small things

When you change your style, you do not necessarily have to adapt your whole identity. There may be a few aspects of your look that you may wish to change to give you extra confidence or make you feel slightly different, without altering your current style if you are comfortable with it. This may include cutting or coloring your hair or even ditching your glasses and instead, opting for one day contact lenses.

4. Clothes swap with your friends

If you haven’t yet determined what style you’d prefer, you could suggest clothes swapping with your stylish friends to experiment with different styles and come to a better-informed decision as to what suits you. Try and aim for a one-in-one-out strategy and trade in an old, unloved piece that your friend may like so that you can save money, as well as doing your bit for the environment by being more resourceful.

5. Make an effort to discover new brands

If you’re used to buying your clothing from the same brands, you should try and break out of your comfort zone to discover new brands. This will help you adapt to your style. While it is useful to have several core favorites to purchase basic pieces from, being a little more experimental with where you shop will help you achieve a natural progression in changing up your style.


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