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Do you need a new home office design? A lot of people are making the switch to working from home, and with the right decorating items your space can be perfect for any type of work. Trendy pieces such as cable boxes, linen curtains, or wall shelves can really give you a neat-and-ready look to your space, and will certainly help lift your motivation.

Home office design trends tend to skew towards a specific style of decoration, but some seem to be more practical and functional than others. Home offices are going through some major changes; they don’t always need to be located in the basement or attic anymore.

Tips for Home Office Decorating

Eyeball The Space

Measure everything you can, especially if you are short on floor or wall space. A pencil and paper are all that is needed to plan your decorating techniques.

Start With A Color Scheme

Using colors in three different shades is a good way to have a cohesive design without being too matchy-matchy.

Think About Your Storage Space

The more you think ahead, the less stressful it will be after you have already started decorating. Do not go for a style that doesn’t allow for ample office supplies and books – you’ll regret it.

Use Your Creativity

Just because you aren’t the most artistic person doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a fantastic design. Pinterest is filled with inspiration boards for all types of decorating styles, and there are plenty of home office decorating ideas out there that work for any budget.

Should you cover all those things, then you can spice it up a bit by adopting specific themes or match it with your house themes. Some of the themes you can try are:

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern home offices are becoming increasingly popular because of the simplicity and functionality of the style. This theme in particular has a lot of light, which is perfect for office space, and uses neutral colors to make it feel calm.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design follows very simple rules when it comes to decorating; lots of white or pastel colors with a lot of natural light. This creates a very clean and peaceful feel to the home office.

Urban Chic

Urban chic usually means a lot of black, white or grey with an industrial twist, such as exposed brick walls and concrete floors. There are other elements to take from this style though; having bookshelves against a wall is a great way to add in some extra storage in a stylish and purposeful way. A combination of the right color can also boost your productivity and creativity, as well as helps you pass the time more easily.

Eames Era

This type of home office is the perfect place to get things done; it’s simple and zen with lots of natural light coming through the windows or skylight. The use of wood helps to keep it grounded and earthy.

Also, apart from all of those criteria and inspirations, there are some pieces like furniture or office tools that you must not miss. Here are some of the examples:

Industrial Style Desk

This is an excellent choice for your home office space since it will give your room a contemporary vibe, while being very functional at the same time.


If you have some extra space, opt for a storage ottoman that can work both as a chair and a place to store items.

Industrial Style Lighting

Try using industrial style lighting for your home office space, since it will provide the room with lots of light while also looking stylish at the same time.

Modern Wall Art

If you decide to go with Mid Century Modern home office design, then modern wall art is the way to decorate your walls. This will give it that extra touch that makes all the difference in terms of style.

Large Pendant Light

Although they may seem like nothing more than an oversized light bulb on a string, the right pendant light can dramatically change your home office design and the feel of the atmosphere.

Large Geometric Rugs

Rugs are becoming increasingly popular again because of their ability to define an area without taking up too much space. This is great for decoration in any room, including your home office.

Final Say

Home office design can be tricky; there are many different styles to choose from and the space is often small. It is important to use creativity as well as put your logic in check to make sure precious space is not wasted. Center-pieces such as a table or lighting must be thought out carefully and you should never cheap out on the materials.

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