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Finding a job that allows you to stay healthy and happy can often seem impossible, with many people associate their job with boredom and frustration or with a sedentary lifestyle or potential risks and hazards. However, there are many open job positions that can allow you to remain healthy and happy and can even promote a healthy lifestyle. Then, read on to find out some of the best jobs for you if you want to prioritize health and happiness over anything else.

1. Counselor

Being a counselor is an incredibly fulfilling job as it can allow you to help others to stay mentally healthy and supported at work and at home. Through your job as a counselor, you will also learn about the best techniques to look after your own mental health. However, although counseling jobs are great options for those that want to help others, they can also be incredibly stressful due to the extreme pressure that many people put themselves under to offer their services to as many people as possible. Not only this but listening to others express their worries all day can lead to burnout and can leave you within the wrong mindset. Then, you should learn more about counselor stress to make sure that the fulfillment that you get from this job position is not mitigated by the stress that you may experience.

2. Personal Trainer

If you enjoy exercise and want to exercise throughout the day, becoming a personal trainer might be for you. Personal trainers help others to achieve their fitness goals, whether they want to have a healthier lifestyle or even lose weight. As a personal trainer, you will need to learn about many ways that you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, which you can then apply to your own life. Not only this, but even though you will be training someone else, personal trainers often have to participate in the activities themselves, especially when it comes to running and jogging. This means that you will be getting the same amount of exercise as the clients that you are training.

3. Gardener

However, if you want to be surrounded by the great outdoors all day, every day, you should consider becoming a gardener. Gardeners can indulge their passion for nature by cultivating beautiful displays and tidying up messy outdoor areas come rain or shine. This will allow you to get much more than a single breath of fresh air throughout your working day, which can help to limit stress and even your blood pressure. Not only this, but gardening is a particularly physical job, and most gardeners work independently and on their own terms, preventing you from being cooped up in an office and overseen by your manager all day.

4. Designer

Although designers tend to develop issues such as back pain and posture issues from working at a desk all day, designers enjoy a creative outlet that not many other professions have. Designers are allowed to immerse themselves in their creativity at all times of the day or night to produce a finished product that speaks to them and which they can be proud of. This means that they can practice their talents and enjoy what once may have been a hobby during their working hours- and get paid for it. Not only this, but designers tend to work on a freelance or single project basis, which means that if they are unhappy with a client and their demands, they will not be tied to them for a long period.

5. Nutritionist

As a nutritionist or even a dietician, you will directly be working with people who want to get healthier, lose weight or maintain a strict diet due to a health issue. Nutritionists can help others make lifestyle changes that benefit them, and yet, you can apply these to your own life, ensuring that you are also eating a diet that suits your body and allows you to run at your optimum level of health. To become a nutritionist, you may need a degree in nutrition, but the strongest step you should take to become a nutritionist is simply to have the right skills and good knowledge of the lifestyle changes that people should make to turn their lives around.

6. Animal Sanctuary Worker

Working at an animal sanctuary can be hard work and heart-breaking, especially as it is impossible to save every animal in your care, and there will be times when you have to make difficult decisions. Not only this, but the field is competitive. However, being an animal sanctuary worker is incredibly fulfilling and will allow you to care for animals all day and form connections with the furry charges you are looking after. Many animal sanctuaries bring animals back to full health, set them up for adoption, or release them back into the wild depending on their aims and the type of animals they care for, and each of these goals can be rewarding when they are met.

7. Florist

However, there is sometimes nothing better than working with flowers all day. Not only can plants boost your mood, but arranging bouquets and displays can help you to unleash your creativity in a practical manner that can put a smile on people’s faces. You may also be charged with helping people to set up and organize décor for a special occasion, which may be the biggest day of their lives, such as a wedding or anniversary celebration. Not only this, but many florists own their own businesses, which can ensure that you can form meaningful connections with your loyal customers, that your hard work is always tied to your business’s success, and that you can reap the rewards of your business’s growth.
Then, rather than settling for any old office job to pay your rent or mortgage, you should instead swap a mediocre working day for a job that is happy and fulfilling while allowing you to enjoy great health for longer.


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