Successful Pool Party

With summer in full swing, it’s a perfect time to roll up pool covers, dive in sparkling water and enjoy a great time with family & friends.

A pool party is the best substitute for indoor gatherings and your usual barbeques.

It lets you and your guests enjoy the sunshine, delicious food, a refreshing dip, and above all, allows you to make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

But before you take a plunge, check out these 5 essentials to have a successful pool party:

1. Poolside decoration

Decorations set the tone and mood of any party. There is virtually no limit to the decor ideas for your pool party.

Some of the ideas are:

  • Get a lot of colorful balloons and put them right into your pool
  • Use paper garlands and pool floaters to decorate your buffet or drink table
  • Use oversized umbrellas, mason jars—whatever matches your theme
  • Hang lanterns on trees to keep the space bright and well-illuminated if it continues till late night

Pro tip: If the weather plays at a spoilsport in your pool party, instantly cover your pool with a pool enclosure and sit in your patio or umbrella huts.

2. Add shade to your outdoor area

A pool party is not all about having fun under the sun & swimming in water. Sometimes it’s nice to chill out in a spot, shielded from the harsh sun rays.

Some of the ways to bring shade in your outdoor space are:

  • Install large umbrellas in the center of patio tables
  • Place a pop-up canopy in the dining area
  • Hang shade sails
  • Go upscale with poolside cabana

3. Drinks & snacks

Think beyond your regular chips and cold-drinks in a typical party. Serve your guests with the food they love.

Drinks & snacks

Some food hacks to follow are:

  • Create different stations for dry snacks, main course, and refreshing drinks
  • Fill a cooler with ice, mocktails, cocktails and other cold beverages
  • Add frozen fruit pops, veggie sticks, hotdogs or many such delicious items in your menu
  • Make arrangements for drinking water after the snacking and meals.
  • Arrange for cutlery or have disposable plates, glasses, spoons, etc. Not to forget, a tissue paper box.

Pro tip: Cover your snacks and drinks with nets to keep the insects at bay.

4. Invest in plenty of pool floats

Want to have some crazy pics for your instagram? Why not post a pic from the pool party with your friends? But for that, set the mood right.

Put floats, inflatable rafts, and flamingo floats, make a good pose and get yourself clicked! This would surely make many of your followers jealous!

Benefits of adding floats to the pool party are:

  • Photo-friendly
  • Super comfy for resting while gossiping with friends
  • Keep your favourite drinks handy
  • Ensures safety for kids and inexperienced swimmers
  • A great relaxing spot to enjoy the weather

5. Plan some pool games

With plenty of floats, food, drinks, and friends, you’re already having a great blast. To take your enjoyment one level up, plan some pool games.

Plan some pool games

Some pool game ideas are:

Volleyball game: Install net in the middle of the pool, divide your group into two teams, and play volleyball – in the pool.

Pool balloon toss: This is a wet version of passing the parcel.

Squirt guns: Want to go back to your childhood? Add squirt guns to the mix.


Above all, think out of the box and pay attention to tiny details to make your pool party memorable for one and all.

Now that you know how to throw a great summer bash, it’s time to send personalized invitations.

And last, but not the least, make the most of your time with friends!

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