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Living the ‘RV lifestyle’ is a dream for many people. It represents many things: freedom, opportunity, adventure, and unpredictability to name a few things about RV Lifestyle.

In other words, living and working from a recreational vehicle while traveling the country represents the antithesis to working a boring 9-5 job in the office in town for those people.

If you are one of those people who gets excited at the thought of living the RV lifestyle, you should know that it is absolutely a lifestyle that you can pursue, and that it’s a lifestyle can indeed be very fun and adventurous as well.

But still, there are some things you need to know before you convince yourself that living the RV lifestyle is going to solve all of your problems.

Here are the three biggest things that you need to know about living the RV lifestyle:

1 – You Probably Won’t Get To Travel As Much As You Want

Exploring the country is one of the big appeals to working and living from an RV. But the truth is that since you will have a lot of work to get done, chances are good that you

And when you do get to travel, most of the time it’s probably going to be for work-related purposes. For example, if you’re a professional photographer, your travel schedule is going to be based on where you need to go for a shoot.

2 – The Majority Of Your Time Will Be Spent Working

Just as the majority of your time is likely spent working now, so it will be when working from an RV too.

You may have envisioned a life of just working in the early mornings and late evenings while spending the rest of the time hiking, biking, or going on road trips. In reality, you’re still most likely going to need to commit to a 9-5 work day five days a week, while taking weekends off if you can.

3 – You’ll Still Need To Budget Yourself

Living from an RV doesn’t at all mean that you get to excuse yourself from budgeting yourself. Contrary to what some folks think, living from an RV doesn’t mean that you get to live a life of luxury.

You’re still going to need to make most of your meals at home (AKA in your RV), you’re going to need to find parks that cost less per night, and you’re also going to need to carefully track how much you spend on fuel to name a few things.

Living The RV Lifestyle

The purpose of this article isn’t to dissuade you from living the RV lifestyle by any means, but rather, it’s to inform you of what you can realistically expect.

So long as you accept what the realities are with working from an RV and you’re totally fine with it, then it just may well be the lifestyle you need.


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